Integration Committee

Limestone Learning Foundation

As outlined in Board Policy 15: School Accommodation, it is important that the integration of students and staff into their new school is achieved in a way that is positive and supportive for the students and parents of the respective school communities. To help achieve this, the school integration process includes the establishment of a New School Integration Committee.

Typically, the Integration Committee helps plan for and implement the positive integration of students and staff affected by consolidation, closure or program relocation into their new school environment. The Integration Committee provides input on the school design, name and school transition activities, including honouring and incorporating artifacts and other memorabilia from each of the schools. Sometimes, the Integration Committee will appoint subcommittees to provide input on specific integration items.

The Integration Committee will include representation from students, school councils, staff and trustees:

  • School Council Chairperson or designate from each school;
  • School Principal from each school;
  • Teaching and non-teaching staff from each school;
  • Appropriate school Superintendent;
  • Area Trustee to serve as Committee Chair;
  • Board support staff as required; and
  • Others as required.

Central Kingston Integration Committee Meeting Minutes


The Limestone District School Board is situated on traditional territories of the Anishinaabe & Haudenosaunee.