Choosing a Course Type

Limestone Learning Foundation

Secondary courses are organized into several different course types. The systems of courses are intended to enable students to choose courses that are suited to their strengths, interests, and goals.
In Grade 9, students will take de-streamed courses. In Grade 10, three types of courses are offered: academic, applied and locally developed. Courses in Grades 11 and 12 are designed to prepare students for post-secondary destinations – that is, for university, university/college, college, workplace and open level.  

Students learn best when they are challenged and when they believe they can be successful. Teachers in all course types will adjust their instruction to deliver the appropriate level of challenge for their students and provide support to help all students be successful. It is important for students to have conversations with their parents about their career aspirations and decide which courses are required to follow that pathway choice. Students should consider their learning skills and preferred pathway when choosing course types.
Students are encouraged to reach out to the Guidance and Success Teams in their schools if they have any questions. Guidance and Success Teams will provide valuable insight into the course programs and supports that fit the student needs and aspirations for the future.
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