Textbooks & Lockers

Limestone Learning Foundation


At the secondary level, textbooks are borrowed on a semester basis. At the conclusion of the respective semester, all textbooks must be returned to the Textbook Room. Unreturned textbooks are considered “overdue.” Students with overdue items will be unable to sign out textbooks for their next semester until their records have been cleared. Lost books must be replaced at full cost, as determined by Textbook Room staff.

Lockers (secondary)

Lockers are assigned at the beginning of the year, according to homeroom. Students must be in the lockers they are assigned. Lockers numbers can be found on student timetables. Any students found in lockers unassigned to them will be asked to return to their assigned locker. Students must use combination locks purchased from the school. Locks purchased in Grade 9 are expected to be used for a student's entire career. Any students found using a lock which is not school approved will be required to purchase a school lock. Should the offending lock not be removed, it will be cut off, and the contents of the locker removed for safety.

Lockers are school property and should be kept clean and in good condition. School administration the right to access all lockers and withdraw locker privileges if necessary. Items such as alcohol, drugs, weapons, or substances which threaten health or safety, are prohibited on school property including lockers. If there is suspicion that a locker contains any of these items, it will be opened and searched. Appropriate consequences will apply if a prohibited substance or weapon is found. The school is not responsible for lost or stolen goods. Do not store valuable items or money in lockers.

Students maintain possession of their assigned lockers for the entire school year. During the June exams, it is the responsibility of the student to clean the locker of all contents and remove their lock. At the conclusion of the June exams, all lockers are cleaned by staff. Locks left on lockers will be reclaimed by the school. Contents will be removed, and kept until the following year. Any contents not claimed during the summer, or in the first month of the new year, will be placed in the Lost and Found. Unclaimed Lost and Found items will be donated to charity.

The Limestone District School Board is situated on traditional territories of the Anishinaabe & Haudenosaunee.