Student Attendance

Limestone Learning Foundation

Students are expected to attend school regularly and to attend all classes. Frequent absences from class may affect a student’s grades. If a student is absent from school or misses any class without permission, they are considered to be truant. Your parents/guardians will be informed. Continued staying away from school without permission will be treated as a discipline matter and will be referred to a vice-principal. Consequences may include academic detentions, attendance contracts, suspension, and withdrawal from your program of study.

Reporting an absence:When students are absent from school, their parents or guardians must report the absence to the school through our automated system (phone, text, email or app). If the school has not been notified on the date of a student absence, students must bring a dated note, signed by a parent or guardian, indicating the reason for the absence. The note is to be given to your homeform teacher or the attendance secretary.

Extended absences: The school-year and school-specific calendars include important dates of events in the school year. The school strongly recommends that families not plan vacations during regularly scheduled school time. If you students are going to be absent from school for an extended period (i.e. 3 or more days), students must complete the Extended Absence Form. This form is available in the Attendance Office and requires a parent or guardian signature.

Lateness (secondary): Arriving on time is an expectation in school, in the workplace and in personal relationships. If students are late, they inconvenience both teachers and classmates. Normally a teacher will accept students into class up to a certain number of minutes. If students arrive to school significantly late, they must sign in at the Attendance Office with the attendance secretary. If students arrive late in the afternoon, they must report to the Attendance Office upon arrival to school. If students are late repeatedly, their parents/guardians may be advised. Teachers may give students a detention to make up for the missed time. Repeated lateness may result in a referral to a vice-principal for further action.

Leaving early: When it is necessary for a student to leave school during the day, a note is required from a parent or guardian. The note must be given to the attendance secretary (secondary). If students are over the age of 18, they are permitted to sign themselves out in the Attendance Office. If parents/guardians of elementary students are coming to pick up your child, you are asked to wait at the main office. If necessary, office staff will alert your child’s classroom. These measures are in place to help keep all students safe and minimize disruptions to learning.

The Limestone District School Board is situated on traditional territories of the Anishinaabe & Haudenosaunee.