Grade 8/9 Transition

Limestone Learning Foundation

The move from Grade 8 to Grade 9 is an exciting time in a student's life. To help Grade 8 students make a smooth transition to secondary school, students, teachers, and families are involved in an extensive planning process that takes place between December and August each year.
In the new year, Student Success Team members from secondary schools will connect with Grade 8 classrooms to explain course and program choices for the following year. Students will be automatically transferred to their home secondary school based on their current home elementary school. You can locate your student’s home secondary school by going to and entering the student's permanent home address under School Eligibility.
Choices at 9 Applications are due by January 19, 2024 at 3pm. Students who have applied to Choices at 9 programs will be notified by February 2, 2024 and will need to confirm their acceptance by February 9, 2024. If you have further questions regarding this process, please contact your child’s current elementary school.
Connections with secondary guidance counsellors are a good opportunity to get questions answered about secondary school opportunities. Students and families are encouraged to make use of the myBlueprint tool that allows students to plan and select high school courses, explore occupations and post-secondary options, and record important information and reflections related to their career and education planning. Families of students with exceptional learning needs are encouraged to reach out to their elementary school team to explore programming options for their student(s). 
In August, students will receive Grade 9 timetables, and we are hopeful that students will be given the opportunity to tour their secondary school to become familiar with classrooms, to be assigned lockers, and to pick up textbooks.
In September, there are many people available at the high school to support students in their transition. Administrators, teachers, guidance counsellors, student success teachers, learning support teachers, adolescent care workers, and student mentors all want to make the first year of secondary school a successful and positive experience. Students and families should not hesitate to ask questions and get help.

Learn more about the transition process via this infographic.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find out a student’s home school?

Visit the school locator tool and enter your address to determine a student’s home school.

What do I do if my student is planning on attending a school outside their neighbourhood boundary within Limestone?

Students will be registered at their home high school. They can apply to another school’s waiting list, but will not find out if they are eligible to transfer until after the first week of school in September.

Where can I go to access more information about school events and important dates?

Secondary school websites include Grade 8 to 9 transition information that is particular to each individual school including specific events and important dates.

Can students start their Community Service (volunteer) Hours before they start high school?

Students are able to start their hours the summer after they graduate from Grade 8 and before they begin high school. Learn more about Community Service Hours.

What is the Grade 9 EQAO Math test?

This is a standards-based assessment that measures students’ competence in the mathematics curriculum for grade 9 course expectations (academic and applied).  All students across the province write this assessment toward the end of the course. The test runs two times per year and does not count towards graduation requirements. A portion of the mark may be used as part of the student’s final grade.

My student has applied to a Choices at 9 program. What is the process?

There is no guarantee that any student will be accepted into a Choices at 9 program. Students will be notified at the end of January or early February and upon acceptance of the offer, will be pre-registered to the school hosting the Choices at 9 program. 

What do we do if we have decided to send our student to a school outside of Limestone District School Board?

Families are responsible for going to the school of their choice outside of Limestone to complete the appropriate registration forms. We will ensure the Ontario School Record is sent to the appropriate school that has requested the records, but we cannot register them for you.

My student has registered at a school outside of Limestone District School Board , now what do we do?

It is vital that you inform your Grade 8 student’s school as soon as possible. This is done for two reasons: First, at the end of each year we must send your student's Ontario School Record to their secondary school. If our records do not reflect any changes, it will automatically be sent to their home secondary school. If this happens, it may take a great deal of valuable time to track it down and have it sent to the correct school. Secondly, in order for your student to be transitioned in the Student Information System for September, a code must be entered for their secondary school. If the code does not match the school, then their electronic file cannot be accessed by their new school which could result in delayed entry. Please, make sure that you, or your student, informs us of any changes in their secondary school for Grade 9 as soon as possible.

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