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Great learning starts here! 

Kindergarten is a wonderful new world of learning and growing. We learn how to read, how to write and we make so many new friends. Our educator teams help us along the way! You can feel confident your child will be cared for within safe and inclusive environments. 

For more information about what is required at time of registration, and to register a new student visit Register A Student

The first time you register with LDSB, you will need to create an account in the ASPEN Online Information System.

You may find it helpful to first review the instructions on how to register a new student using our ASPEN Online Registration process. Note: mobile devices such a smartphones and tablets are not supported by this application at this time. Please use a desktop computer, laptop, or Chromebook.

Video instructions click on image below:      
Written instructions click on image below:       
 Video Instructions  Click here for OLR Written Instructions

Once you have reviewed how to set up an account for your new student registration then click on the tab below to register your new student:

Click here to register your student with the Limestone District School Board.


The Limestone District School Board is committed to your student’s development from Kindergarten to graduation. In Limestone Kindergarten classrooms, children are involved in many activities designed to help young learners explore, discover, play and grow. Kindergarten programs across Ontario offer a full day of learning for four and five year olds. We are unique in offering both English and French Immersion programs in both Year 1 (Junior) and Year 2 (Senior) Kindergarten.

Students may start school in September if they turn age four (Year 1 Kindergarten) or age five (Year 2 Kindergarten) by December 31 of that year. Those students who are already enrolled in Year 1 Kindergarten do not register again. We welcome new students looking to begin Year 1 or Year 2 to our schools year-round, but we encourage parents and guardians to pre-register children in February for the upcoming school year.     

Discover Kindergarten in Limestone -Learn more about our Kindergarten program, resources, and tips to help your student prepare for Kindergarten. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which school should my student attend?

In accordance with Board policy, by default, students will be enrolled in the school designated within their boundary area, based on their home address.

Before beginning registration, visit the website of our transportation partner Tri-Board Student Transportation Services to verify the school your student will attend. This will be your student's in-boundary or home school.

Students may be permitted to attend any school within the board when there is available student space, upon submission and approval of the proper application. The board will not be held responsible for the provision of any transportation for students outside of their regular school boundary area. This applies to both students within Limestone’s geographic boundaries (out of boundary), and students who live outside of those boundaries (out of district).   

How many students are in a Kindergarten class?

Class sizes vary from school to school and year to year.  The Ontario Ministry of Education sets the kindergarten class size limit as 29 students.  The average kindergarten class size in the Limestone District School Board is 26 students.   

Who are my student’s teachers?

Each kindergarten class of 16 or more students has one Ontario certified teacher and one Registered Early Childhood Educator.  Classes with 15 or less students have one teacher. 

Are students in Junior Kindergarten (Year 1) separated from students in Senior Kindergarten (Year 2)?

Year 1 and Year 2 students learn together in a kindergarten class. 

My student’s pronouns are they/ them.  Will the school honour this?

Yes. A student’s identity is important. Please be sure to select the appropriate gender identity for your student when you complete the online student registration form. Staff will refer to the student using their preferred name and pronoun. 

What does Kindergarten look like in French Immersion?

In Limestone, students can begin French Immersion in Year 1 Kindergarten, Year 2 Kindergarten or Grade 1. The French Immersion program is designed for students of non-French speaking parents and guardians.  There is nothing extra that you need to do to prepare your student for French Immersion.  All students are welcome! 

For more information about Early French Immersion an what schools offer French Immersion in Kindergarten see

Can my student attend Kindergarten if they are not toilet trained?

Yes.  Toileting can be an issue for a brief period of time at the start of the year for some students, especially if it is their first time away from home. Our priority is to respect the student and to help support their learning. Please discuss toileting with your educator team. Please help your student practise dressing and undressing independently and appropriate bathroom hygiene. Providing an extra change of clothes is helpful for every student in case of accidents.  

Will my student have to wear a mask at school?

While there is no longer a masking mandate, masking continues to be strongly encouraged and recommended by public health officials for all students, staff, and visitors while in schools and on school transportation.

Additional information on masking is available on KFL&A Public Health’s website, including when masking is required.

What are Nutrition Breaks?

Nutrition Breaks are part of a Balanced Day school schedule.  The break includes eating time and recess time (i.e. 20 minutes of eating time and 20 minutes of recess time). It is a good idea to practise opening and closing lunch and snack containers with your student prior to the start of school. 

My student finds new situations stressful (i.e. reacts by crying, getting upset).  How will the school support my student? 

Staff are available to support your student. The school will want to know what upsets your student and what strategies are used to help them feel better. Please be sure to discuss this with the educators. 

When can I expect to hear from my student’s school about their class placement and educator team?

Schools will communicate with families about the student’s class placement and other kindergarten information near the end of August prior to the start of school.  

What if my student has special education needs?

If your student has special education needs and will be entering school for the first time, please call your local school and set up an appointment with the principal.

The principal will determine whether a transition meeting would be beneficial and communicate this information to the Educational Services Transition to Kindergarten Team. Transition meetings occur in the Spring and may include school team members, educational services staff, and community partners connected to the family. By working together, we can determine the supports and resources your child will need for a successful transition to school

The Limestone District School Board is situated on traditional territories of the Anishinaabe & Haudenosaunee.