Allergy Information

Limestone Learning Foundation

Our school is sensitive to the needs of many students and staff in our school who suffer from anaphylactic allergies that may lead to severe, and sometimes life-threatening reactions. Some of the more common allergies may involve certain food products or insect bites.

While we are unable to guarantee that our schools are allergen-free, every effort is made to limit the possibility of an anaphylactic attack. From time to time, and year to year, some schools may have to place restrictions on certain food items that might put a child or staff member at a high risk for an anaphylactic attack.

In these circumstances, our school would provide a list of prohibited food products to the entire school community with the hope that parents, guardians and students would refrain from sending or bringing items containing these items to school. Individual classrooms may have further allergy restrictions.

*In our school, we have students with anaphylactic allergies to [insert allergen here] and would ask that parents, guardians and students do not bring these items to school. It is also advisable to check with the classroom teacher before brining in food for special events or celebrations.

We urge all parents and guardians to advise the school immediately of any and all food or other allergies that your child may have.

Parents and guardians of children with anaphylactic allergies are required to inform the school of their child’s allergies and comply with Administrative Procedure 210: Safe Environments, Administrative Procedure 314: The Administration of Medication and/or Medical Procedures to Students, and Administrative Procedure 315: The Safety of Anaphylactic Students. More allergy information can be found in the Health Issues Handbook.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding to help ensure all of our students are safe.

The Limestone District School Board is situated on traditional territories of the Anishinaabe & Haudenosaunee.