Student Sense of Belonging Report

Limestone Learning Foundation
Report One: Race and Racial Background, Religion, First Language, Country of Birth, and Newcomer and Refugee Status

The See Yourself in Limestone Student Census was completed in November and December 2020. More than 10,000 total surveys were completed by students and families–an overall response rate of 55 per cent. Among student-only surveys, Limestone’s response rate was 76 per cent.

Collecting the data is the first step to help the board learn more about students–their backgrounds, experiences and needs–to identify potential barriers or gaps, and to determine how to eliminate discriminatory biases in our classes and schools. 

This is the first in a series of reports that focuses on belonging at school for different demographic groups: race and racial background; religion; country of birth; first language; and newcomer or refugee status, and how these identities relate to student experiences. The See Yourself in Limestone Student Census: Report Summary (April 2023) offers a high level overview of the contents of the full report (link below).

Many of these findings are hard to read; there are some difficult truths contained within the survey results. For some readers, this information will not be new; for others, it will be. If you are struggling as you read this report, please take the time you need to reflect and process the feelings that arise from these findings. Throughout the board, staff at all levels, including supervisors, have been made aware that this report is being released and that there could be strong emotional responses. Student support staff have also been made aware of the report and its contents, should students seek help in processing their feelings as this information becomes more widely available. 

Building local knowledge about who Limestone students are, and how they are experiencing school, is a crucial step towards actively creating meaningful positive change for all individuals within the school community. This report, like future reports based on the student census, will help provide guidance for Limestone to better serve students.  

Full Report - See Yourself in Limestone: Student Sense of Belonging Report One

Data and Disparity Table: This is an alternate format in Excel to assist in viewing the data that is in the report.

LDSB Student Census 2020 Open Data File

The Limestone District School Board is situated on traditional territories of the Anishinaabe & Haudenosaunee.