Senior Staff

The Director of Education is the chief education/executive officer and secretary of the Board. As the senior administrator, the Director provides educational leadership and direction to the system. The Director is responsible for implementing the policies and procedures of the Board, ensuring that the Board works within the parameters of the Education Act.

The Executive Committee is the decision-making body responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Board and is comprised of the Director of Education, Superintendent of Business Services, Superintendents of Education, Superintendent of Human Resources and Supervising Principals. This committee is more commonly referred to as the Senior Staff.

Director of Education & Secretary of the Board
Debra Rantz

Superintendent of Business Services & Treasurer of the Board    
Paul Babin

Superintendent of Education
        Krishna Burra

Superintendent of Education     
Barb Fraser-Stiff

Supervising Principal, School Effectiveness     
Michélè Babcock

Superintendent of Education, Human Resources    
Andre Labrie

Supervising Principal, Student Success & Information Technology
        Jessica Silver

Supervising Principal, Learning for All
Alison McDonnell

Supervising Principal, Safe & Caring Schools
        Scot Gilliam