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Limestone Learning Foundation

Available programming for 2019-2020 school year (subject to change)

Academy of Hair Design - LCVI Semester 1 & 2

This four- semester Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP) will prepare students for a career in hairstyling that will offer them an opportunity to earn credits towards their OSSD and apprenticeship registration with the Ministry of Colleges Training and Universities. Working in a salon/spa team environment, students will strengthen their fundamental cosmetology skills and develop an understanding of common business practices and strategies required in the Hair Styling industry.

2019 Focus.Program 10

Baking & Business Entrepreneurship - BSS Semester 1

This program introduces the necessary skills required in baking, culinary and small business through a combination of experiential classroom learning and Co-op opportunities. Cooperative education placements available will include local bakeries, restaurants, retail outlets and commercial bakeries.

2019 Focus.Program 11

BCIP - Building Construction Internship Program - ESS Semester 1 and 2

This four credit package offers students a real life experience in completing a new construction project. A broad range of trades will be covered in completing a residential or commercial project which will be relevant to all students of all destinations considering a career in construction.

2019 Focus.Program 12

Cook's Internship Program - LCVI Semesters 1 & 2

This one year culinary program delivers the curriculum expectations related to the phase 1 of the Cook's apprenticeship. Students will learn theory & practical cooking skills while completing grade 12 diploma requirements. Successful students will be prepared to directly enter the workforce, begin an apprenticeship or enter community college. Students will be eligible to graduate with a Specialist High Skills Major, and could receive advanced standing in the 2 year apprenticeship program at St. Lawrence College.

2019 Focus.Program 13

Creative Arts - LCVI Semester 1

This course develops an intensive portfolio for advanced Arts students interested in preparing for entrance to a college or university of Fine Art, Design or other related programs. Articulated with St. Lawrence College this course explores; Visual Arts, Applied Design, Fine Art Drawing, Painting, Visual and Non-Traditional art form training.

2019 Focus.Program 14

Emergency Response - LISS Semester 1

This Dual credit program explores a variety of disasters and catastrophes that have plagued our modern world, and the skills required as professionals to deal with them. The program will identify a series of disasters, methods of recovery, as well as the potential of earning certifications expected in the field of response. Learn what is needed for careers in the military, coast guard, firefighting, law enforcement, paramedics and nursing.

2019 Focus.Program 15

Fitness Leadership: LISS Semester 1

This program is designed for the student interested in exploring or pursuing a career in the Fitness Industry as a Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Corporate Wellness Consultant, Recreation Leader, Health Promoter, Physiotherapist or Kinesiologist.

2019 Focus.Program 16

Guitar Building: KCVI/KSS Semester 1

This course will provide the student with an experience like no other. From the design to the application of finish, students will challenge themselves and experience the sequence of processes involved in the manufacturing of a solid body electric guitar. 

2019 Focus.Program 17

High Performance Athletics: LCVI Semester 1

High Performance Athletics is a program designed for motivated athletes intending to pursue further excellence in athletics. The program provides students with the opportunity to combine their academic course loads with intense training sessions, and the psychological preparation required to participate at a post-secondary level. Emphasis will be placed on creating a sport portfolio, acquiring certification, and creating personalized fitness programs.

2019 Focus.Program 18

Independent Computer Studies - ESS Semester 1

The ICS Focus Program offers students the opportunity to complete a package of 3 or 4 credits in grade 11 and/or grade 12 computer-based courses. This project-based program allows students to work on topics such as: programming, web site design, graphic design, computer engineering, robotics and game design.

2019 Focus.Program 19

Limestone Construction Pre-Apprenticeship Program (LCPAP) - ESS Semester 2

Qualified students will have the opportunity to complete all of the in-school components of their Phase1, MTCU Carpentry apprenticeship. This 10 week OYAP program will be delivered at St. Lawrence College, followed by a two credit co-op placement that for successful students will lead to a paid apprenticeship position. Interested students will need to have completed all of the pre-requisites in order to qualify. Please refer to your school counselor for all of the details.

2019 Focus.Program 20

Mechanical Pre-Apprenticeship - LISS Semester 1

This one semester, 3 credit manufacturing program will teach senior students the theory and practical skills required for the Phase 1 in-school component of the Industrial Mechanical trade. Students wishing to pursue a Millwright apprenticeship will have the opportunity to participate in the St. Lawrence College Oversight of Phase 1 qualifying them for entry into future apprenticeship training at the college.

2019 Focus.Program 21

Radio Broadcast Journalism - KCVI/KSS Semester 1 

In this one or two semester package students will learn about journalism, sound production, and music as they broadcast live to Kingston at 91.9 fm "The Cave" and to the world at, Students will have the opportunity to earn credits and co-op experiences in selected placements around the Kingston listening area.

2019 Focus.Program 22

REV Marine Transportation and Upholstery - LCVI Semesters 1 and 2

This is a project-driven program that will provide students skills training and experiences required in the recreational marine industry. Students will learn how to design, cut, sew, and install fabrics and accessory products by working on community projects and customer requests.

2019 Focus.Program 23

Sports Injury Management - LCVI Semester 2

This program focuses on the prevention, assessment, treatment and management of athletic injuries. It is geared towards both college and university bound students interested in a career in sports therapy, physiotherapy, massage therapy or sports medicine.

2019 Focus.Program 24

Studio LC - LCVI Semester 1

This is a hands on and theoretical semester that gives students the chance to interact with various aspects of video arts production, including lighting, sound, costumes and technology. Come and find the power of your voice. Please visit their website.

2019 Focus.Program 25

Technical Illustration - BSS Semester 1

Technical illustration and airbrush rendering is a unique course that develops professional results using industry standards and practical techniques. This is a three credit package that combines the skills and knowledge of Visual Arts, Communication Technology, and Technical Illustration.

2019 Focus.Program 26

The River Program - Katarokwi Learning Centre Semester 1 & 2

If you are a First Nation, Métis or Inuit youth who would like to learn in a supportive environment which honours Aboriginal traditions, then this program might be for you. Our goal is to provide First Nation, Métis and Inuit students with a safe and inclusive environment in which to learn. We focus on respect for self, others, Aboriginal traditions, and community as essential elements of becoming a lifelong learner. The program is run in conjunction with the Katarokwi Native Friendship Centre and has regular visits by Elders and a curriculum reflecting Aboriginal cultures, histories and perspectives.

2019 Focus.Program 27

Water Works/Plumbing Internship - FSS Semester 1

This program will give students an introduction to plumbing and other heating/ mechanical trades related to the construction industry. Students will gain practical plumbing experience in the classroom and in the workplace through a combination of projects and community experiences.

2019 Focus.Program 28

The Limestone District School Board is situated on traditional territories of the Anishinaabe & Haudenosaunee.