Board develops Equity Action Plan

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Board develops Equity Action Plan
Posted on 11/16/2020
Image of cover of draft LDSB Equity Action Plan

The Limestone District School Board has developed a three-year Equity Action Plan that identifies specific actions related to breaking down barriers of systemic racism with an emphasis on anti-Black and anti-Indigenous racism.

“Limestone is committed to equity and inclusion, and we acknowledge the importance of confronting anti-Black and anti-Indigenous racism,” says Director of Education Krishna Burra. “We recognize there is still much work to do to eliminate racism in all its forms across our district. This plan will help us ensure the entire school community will be reflected in all areas of teaching and learning.”

In June 2020, a preliminary report of anti-racism education planned for Limestone was shared with Trustees. Since then, staff have developed a draft plan based on input from the board’s Equity Advisory Committee, Trustees and the community, qualitative data collected via student voice and student census focus groups, staff and administrator survey data and school climate data, and the Ontario Equity Action Plan 2017. The plan includes four key priority areas: school and classroom practices, leadership, governance, and human resource practices, data collection, integration and reporting, and organizational culture change in our school communities.

Goals include identifying and eliminating biases, systemic barriers, and discriminatory practices; supporting positive learning and workplace environments where all students and staff feel safe, supported and accepted; ensuring inclusive community partnerships and engagement; and ensuring accountability regarding the Board’s commitment to equity and communicating results to the public.

The draft plan was presented to the Board of Trustees at its November 11, 2020 meeting. Next steps will include meeting with students, staff, and the community to collect feedback.

“Some of the work outlined in the plan has already begun and the plan will remain a dynamic document as items are amended or updated as required,” says Superintendent of Education Michele Babcock who leads the Board’s Equity Team. Examples of items that the team has already begun include updating Limestone’s Gender Guidelines , hiring of an elementary equity consultant, reviewing board procedures, and the administration of the See Yourself in Limestone Student Census.

“The Equity Action Plan is a roadmap of how staff, students, families and the broader community can come together to make this a reality,” says Superintendent Babcock.

“Equity must be the lens through which we embrace and manage change in our school communities,” says Director Burra. “Our goal remains for everyone to see themselves in Limestone.”

Review the draft Equity Action Plan.

The Limestone District School Board is situated on traditional territories of the Anishinaabe & Haudenosaunee.