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FileSt John boys finalists 2016_small.jpg  JPEG image 7.1K2016/12/16 5:30 PM
FileMother Theresa MVP 2016_small.jpg  JPEG image 10K2016/12/16 5:30 PM
FileAcadie MVP with Coaches_small.jpg  JPEG image 6.1K2016/12/16 5:30 PM
FileAcadie girls city champs 2016_small.jpg  JPEG image 6.1K2016/12/16 5:30 PM
FileAcadie boys city champss 2016_small.jpg  JPEG image 7.1K2016/12/16 5:30 PM
FileAcadei Girls MVP with coaches 2016.jpg  JPEG image 493K2016/12/16 5:25 PM
FileAcadie boys city champss 2016.jpg  JPEG image 522K2016/12/16 5:24 PM
FileAcadie Div 1 boys champss 2016.jpg  JPEG image 446K2016/12/16 5:23 PM
FileAcadie girls city champs 2016.jpg  JPEG image 510K2016/12/16 5:22 PM
FileAcadie MVP with Coaches.jpg  JPEG image 481K2016/12/16 5:21 PM
FileMother Therea 2016 girls city finalists.jpg  JPEG image 503K2016/12/16 5:20 PM
FileMother Theresa MVP 2016.jpg  JPEG image 339K2016/12/16 5:19 PM
FileSt John boys finalists 2016.jpg  JPEG image 562K2016/12/16 5:19 PM
FileSt John MVP and coach.jpg  JPEG image 418K2016/12/16 5:18 PM
FileVanier Div 1 boys finalists 2016.jpg  JPEG image 620K2016/12/16 5:17 PM
FileMaeryn Antoniewicz with Coach Douglas Mother Theresa MVP 2.jpg  JPEG image 86K2016/12/16 2:09 PM
FileLancaster Div 2 girls champs 2016.jpg  JPEG image 538K2016/12/14 9:35 PM
FileHenderson Div 3 champs 2016.jpg  JPEG image 675K2016/12/14 10:15 AM
FileCalvin Div 1 girls finalists 2016.jpg  JPEG image 310K2016/12/13 11:56 AM
FileAcadie Div 1 girls champs 2016.jpg  JPEG image 379K2016/12/13 11:37 AM