The Limestone Elementary School Athletics Association is the committee responsible for the
 inter-school sports programs in the Limestone   District School Board. This  page is intended
to make available to all elementary schools in the Limestone District information pertaining to
 all  inter-school sports in the district. For more information  on the organization and structure
 of LESAA please refer to the LESAA constitution.   Meet and tournament information, rules and
 regulations regarding the various events,  dates for events, news updates, district tournaments
 (divisions, dates, locations, conveners, results), as well as any other pertinent information
 for all sports will be available through this page.



Meeting Minutes



Cross Country


Junior Basketball

Track & Field

Ultimate Frisbee



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Kingston Track & Field Club

Pegasus Volleyball



Boys All Stars – Blue Team                         Girls All Stars – Red Team                    Girls All Stars – Blue Team 



Josh Clapp                       Newburgh

Cole Busschaert               Joyceville

Ryan Wilkes                    Land O’Lakes

Matt Costa                       Winston Churchill

Blake Hurley                    Westdale Park

Ian Compson                    Harrowsmith


Mitchell Sharp                 Truedell

Josh Riesling                    Lancaster

Cole Palmer                      Perth Road

Brett Byron                      Welborne

Christopher Kimmerer    Bayridge

Adam Weatherhead         The Prince Charles


Thomas Withey                Loughborough

Mark Lappan                   Vanier

Cody Leger                      Odessa                 

Adian Stride                     Calvin Park

Tanner Graham                Lundy’s Lane      

Ethan Elliott                     Acadie




Cathleen Caza                   Newburgh

Rob Chesnick                    Selby

Spiroula Roberts               Joyceville  




Kristen Treitz                   Winston Churchill

Abby Gill                          Elginburgh

Brooklyn Feijo                 Storrington

Jaclyn Bastedo                 Fairfield

Kathleen Dendy               Sinclair

Hannah King                    Truedell


Kiley Redden-Groenwegen        Harrowsmith

Sam Goodsell                   Cataraqui Woods

Katie Zorhorsky               Lancaster

Aly Bangma                      Henderson

Shaye Murdock               Westdale Park

Taylor Johnson                Cataraqui Woods


Ellie Rostant-Krtikou      Lundy’s Lane

Sarah Duncan                   Vanier

Madi Perrett                    Acadie

Jessica East                     Odessa

Ali tenHove                      Calvin Park

Becky Hill                         Loughorough




Tom Bush                     Collins Bay

Andrew Highet              Truedell

Laurie Frink                   Cataraqui Woods




Bow Greenwood               Collins Bay

Cailey Vlahos                   Prince Charles

Jamie Learing                  Rideau Heights

Christie Copeland            Bath

Vanessa Gobby                Bayridge

Abby Allen                        Truedell


Tiffany Amos                    Harrowsmith

Norah Marsh                   Cataraqui Woods

Jenna Poore                     Welborne

Hannah Scott                    The Prince Charles

Mackayle Meadus          Perth Road

Olivia Pearson                  Lundy’s Lane


Hannah Dossett               Vanier

Shelby Perry                     Acadie

Jen Switzer                       Odessa

Sadie Morris                    Calvin Park

Nicole Armstrong            Loughborough

Alana Walsh                     Loughborough




Stefan Ruksys                  Collins Bay

Debra McMurray              Loughborough



Boys All Stars – Red Team 



Brandon Hoadley             Collins Bay

Chad Thompson               Selby

Marcus Walker                Rideau Heights

Chad McGinnis                Elginburg

Cameron Blakley             Storrington

Owen Parrettt                   Amherstview


Cody Harvey                    Lancaster

Kyle Tobin                        Perth Road

Stewart Casement            Henderson

Ryan Lusk                        Cataraqui Woods

Carter Matheson             Sinclair

Colin Schobel                  Truedell


Brodie Latimer                 Loughborough

Jacob Denofreo                Vanier

Carson Ballance               Odessa

Thomas Burton                Calvin Park

Chris Newton                   Lundy’s Lane

Allan Down                       Calvin Park






Kent Rich                        Truedell

Courtney John                Perth Road

Steve Down                     Calvin Park






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