The Limestone Elementary School Athletics Association is the committee responsible for the inter-school sports programs in the Limestone
  District School Board. This  page is intended to make available to all elementary schools in the Limestone District information pertaining to all
  inter-school sports in the district. For more information  on the organization and structure of LESAA please refer to the LESAA constitution.
  Meet and tournament information, rules and regulations regarding the various events,
  dates for events, news updates, district tournaments (divisions, dates, locations, conveners, results), as well as any other pertinent information
 for all sports will be available through this page.







Cross Country

Track & Field

Ultimate Frisbee



Open Mixed Medley Relay

bullet4 runners - 2 girls & 2 boys
bulletAtom/Bantam/Midget are eligible
bulletRace starts at the 400m start (finish line) - staggered start
bulletFirst leg is 300m run in lanes
bulletFirst hand off is at the 100m starting line - hand off is in lanes
bulletAfter the first hand off runners will work their way to the inside lane made sure they do not interfere with any other runners.
bulletSecond leg is 200m
bulletSecond hand off is at the start of the 1500m (after the first corner). All hand offs will take place in the first lane - the leading runners will get the inside position. There will be officials here to correctly position the runners for the hand off.
bulletThe third leg is 200m
bulletThird and final hand off occurs at the 100m start line - runners will take the hand off in the first lane with leading runners taking the inside position. Again, officials will be here to correctly position runners for the hand off.
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Last modified: May 03, 2012