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Division 6 Track and Field Meet                    

Richardson Stadium                                                             

Thursday June 7, 2007                                                              

Individual Medal Winners                                                     

Midget Boys                                                         

PLACE                 ATHLETE                                 TEAM                                 POINTS

Gold                      Hayden Peters                        Storrington                      21

Silver                    Dylan Smith                             Lundy;s Lane                  19

Bronze                 LaRose, Martin                        Lundy's Lane                  17

Bronze                 Sands, Brandon                      Storrington                      17

Bantam Boys                                                       

PLACE                  ATHLETE                                  TEAM                                 POINTS

Gold                      Moodie, Adam                           Marysville                         21

Silver                     Busschaert, Cole                     Loughborough              15

Bronze                   Carmody, Kenton                    Lundy's Lane                13

Atom Boys                                                              

PLACE                  ATHLETE                                 TEAM                                 POINTS

Gold                      Hetherington, Isaac               Horton                                21

Silver                     Smith, Conner                        Joyceville                          17

Bronze                   Posthumus, Jeremy             Marysville                          15


Midget Girls                                                                                

PLACE                      ATHLETE                                    School                         Points

Gold                           Hunter, Cassie                          Joyceville                    21

Gold                           Rachel Burns                             Storrington                  21

Silver                         Latchmore, Theresa                Joyceville                     15

Bronze                       Wright, Kaitlyn                         Joyceville                      13

Bantam Girls                                                                               

PLACE                      ATHLETE                                    School                         Points

Gold                           Lloyd, Maddison                       Storrington                 21

Silver                         Casson, Jenny                          Lundy's Lane            14

Silver                         O'Neill, Kristen                           Lundy's Lane             14

Bronze                      Armitage, Nicole                        Glenburnie                  13

Atom Girls                                                                                                          

PLACE                      ATHLETE                                    School                           Points

Gold                           Gostlin, Jaedyn                          Horton                           17

Silver                         Stenson, Emily                          Horton                           15

Bronze                      McLaren, Hailey                        Horton                           14

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