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LESAA Division 1 Individual Boys Medalists 2007 (top athletes in each age group):
Based on 7 points 1st place, 5 points 2nd place, 3 points for 3rd place and 1 point for 4th place maximum 21 points

 Midget Boys:

bulletGold                 Ryan McMillan                      Newburgh                      21 points
bulletSilver               Dusty Kennedy                    The Prince Charles     17 points
bulletBronze            Dustin Conway                     Newburgh                    13 points


Bantam Boys:

bulletGold                Alex Nahorney                      Newburgh                   19 points
bullet Silver              David Gault                            The Prince Charles   17 points
bulletBronze           Matt Davis                              Langford                       15 points


Atom Boys:

bulletGold                 Ryan Casselman                 Langford                     15 points
bulletSilver               Justin Godin                         Langford                      12 points
bulletSilver               Reid Russell                          The Prince Charles   12 points
bulletBronze            Darian Flieler                         NAEC                            10 points
bulletBronze            Brodie Munro                         NAEC                            10 points
bulletBronze            Austin Fuller                           NAEC                            10 points
bulletBronze            Dylan Lund                             Amherstview               10 points
bulletBronze            Dorian Overland                    Amherstview               10 points


LESAA Division 6 Girls medalists:
Based on 7 points 1st place, 5 points 2nd place, 3 points for 3rd place and 1 point for 4th place maximum 21 points


Midget Girls:

bullet Gold               Jazmine Holden                      Langford                     19 points
bulletSilver             Jenna Raabe                            Langford                     15 points
bulletSilver             Emma Whalen                          Centreville                  15 points
bulletBronze           Hailey Babcock                      The Prince Charles  12 points


Bantam Girls:

bulletGold                Sarah Sanford                     The Prince Charles   21 points
bulletSilver               Hannah Sweet                    Centreille                     19 points
bulletBronze            Jessie Brown                     Langford                      11 points


Atom Girls:

bulletGold                Cassandra McCormick         Langford                    21 points
bullet Silver              Isabella McDonald                  Newburgh                 19 points
bulletBronze           Michaela Jackson                   Langford                    13 points


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