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Division 4 Track and Field Meet                    

Richardson Stadium                                                             

Friday June 8, 2007                                                              

Individual Medal Winners                                                     

Midget Boys                                                         

PLACE                 ATHLETE                                 TEAM                               POINTS

Gold                      Kyle McKellar                         Sinclair                             21

Silver                    Robbie Carngie                      Sinclair                             19

Bronze                 Byer Clancy                            Holsgrove                        14

Bantam Boys                                                       

PLACE                  ATHLETE                                  TEAM                                 POINTS

Gold                      Jay Mackie                                Lancaster                         21

Silver                     Sean Kissick                           Henderson                       17

Bronze                   Austin Check                         Lancaster                          15

Atom Boys                                                              

PLACE                  ATHLETE                                 TEAM                                 POINTS

Gold                      Christopher Kimmerer          Bayridge                            21

Silver                     Sean Bradley                          Henderson                        15

Silver                     Josh Barrett                            Treudell                              15

Bronze                   Brandon Watts                     Holsgrove                            10


Midget Girls                                                                                

PLACE                      ATHLETE                                    School                         Points

Gold                           Portia Worthy                            Lancaster                    21

Gold                           Cleo Boyd                                   Sinclair                        21

Silver                         Jessica Leach                            Sinclair                        13

Bronze                       Selena Buckle                           Truedell                      10

Bronze                       Leah McGraw                            Sinclair                       10

Bantam Girls                                                                               

PLACE                      ATHLETE                                    School                         Points

Gold                          Brianna Bradley                         Henderson                  21

Silver                         Isabelle Froom                          Holsgrove                   13

Bronze                      Justine Wight                            Sinclair                          10

Atom Girls                                                                                                          

PLACE                      ATHLETE                                    School                           Points

Gold                           Christina Papadakis                 Lancaster                      19

Gold                           Karley Jones                              Cataraqui Woods        19

Silver                         Jenna Black                                 Welborne                      15

Bronze                      Maanik Dhaliwhal                        Henderson                   12

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