LESAA Division 2 Individual Boys Medalists (top athletes in each age group):
Based on 7 points 1st place, 5 points 2nd place, 3 points for 3rd place and 1 point for 4th place – maximum 21 points

 Midget Boys:

bulletGold                 Nate Chomitz                        Odessa                        19 points
bulletGold                 Kevin Golding                       Fairfield                      19 points
bulletGold                 Mark Jones                           Odessa                        19 points
bulletSilver               Charlie Genge                       Odessa                        9 points
bulletSilver               Christian Cole                       Odessa                        9 points
bulletBronze             Dayton Coutts                       Bath                            8 points
bulletBronze             Blair Morgan                         Odessa                        8 points
bulletBronze             Mitchell Finn                         Bath                            8 points


Bantam Boys:

bulletGold                Matt Burger                           Bath                            21 points
bullet Silver              Mackenzie Bruinsma             Westdale                    19 points
bulletBronze            Daniel Rudder                        Tamworth                   12 points


Atom Boys:

bulletGold                 Liam Bruinsma                      Westdale                    19 points
bulletSilver               Jake Walker                          Tamworth                   17 points
bulletBronze            Tyler Balance                         Odessa                        14 points
bulletBronze            Cole Morgan                          Fairfield                      14 points


LESAA Division 6 Girls medalists:
Based on 7 points 1st place, 5 points 2nd place, 3 points for 3rd place and 1 point for 4th place – maximum 21 points


Midget Girls:

bullet Gold               Taylor Sills                              Odessa                        21 points
bullet Silver             Erica Lauzon                            Bath                            14 points
bulletBronze           Emily Wartman                       Odessa                        13 points


Bantam Girls:

bulletGold                Hannah Coates                      Odessa                        21 points
bulletSilver               Megan Simpson                    Westdale                    14 points
bulletBronze            Leah O’Neil                            Odessa                        12 points


Atom Girls:

bulletGold                Jaclyn Bastedo                       Fairfield                      17 points
bullet Silver              Jacqui Vincent-Sagar             Odessa                        14 points
bullet Silver              Cassie Conboy                       Odessa                        14 points
bulletBronze           Alysha Burriss                       Westdale                    13 points