LESAA Division 2 Individual Boys Medalists (top athletes in each age group):

Based on 7 points 1st place, 5 points 2nd place, 3 points for 3rd place and 1 point for 4th place – maximum 21 points

Midget Boys:

Gold                 Dustin Turner                            Odessa                         21 points

Silver                Steve Walker                           Fairfield                        17 points

Bronze             Josh Decaire                             Bath                             13 points



Bantam Boys:

Gold                 Kevin Golding                          Fairfield                        19 points

Gold                 Mark Jones                              Odessa                         19 points

Silver                Cory Benn                                Bath                             13 points

Silver                D’Arcy Greenaway                  Odessa                         13 points

Bronze             Riley O’Neill                            Glenburnie                    11 points


Atom Boys:

Gold                 Matt Burger                              Bath                             19 points

Silver                Kyle Copeland                         Bath                             17 points

Bronze             Justin Garrah                            Fairfield                        13 points



LESAA Division 2 Girls medalists:

Based on 7 points 1st place, 5 points 2nd place, 3 points for 3rd place and 1 point for 4th place – maximum 21 points


Midget Girls:

Gold                 Melissa Wartman                      Odessa             19 points

Gold                 Elsa Keyes                               Tamworth         19 points

Silver                Brittany Belanger                      Odessa             17 points

Bronze             Brittnee Revell              Glenburnie        15 points

Bronze             Rachel Chomitz                        Odessa             15 points


Bantam Girls:

Gold                 Amanda Mellon                        Odessa             21 points

Gold                 Taylor Sills                               Odessa             21 points

Silver                Michelle Scott                          Glenburnie        11 points

Bronze             Jessica Murphy             Tamworth         10 points

Bronze             Selena Peck                             Tamworth         10 points


Atom Girls:

Gold                 Sarah Oulton                            Bath                 19 points

Gold                 Tiffany Rogers              Odessa             19 points

Silver                Natasha Priestman                    Odessa             17 points

Bronze             Mackenzie Drew                      Enterprise         14 points