LESAA Division 1 Individual Boys Medalists (top athletes in each age group):

Based on 7 points 1st place, 5 points 2nd place, 3 points for 3rd place and 1 point for 4th place – maximum 21 points


Midget Boys:

Gold                 Brandon Holden                       Langford                      21 points

Silver                Eric McCabe                            Langford                      19 points

Silver                Ross Uens                                Newburgh                    19 points

Bronze             Travis Matthews                       Newburgh                    15 points



Bantam Boys:

Gold                 Jacob Craven                           The Prince Charles       21 points

Gold                 Brandon McIntosh                    Holsgrove                     21 points

Silver                Jacob Parks                             Newburgh                    17 points

Bronze             Dmitri Trapani                          Langford                      13 points


Atom Boys:

Gold                 Brandon Verkerk                     Amherstview                21 points

Silver                Jake Yow                                 North Addington          17 points

Bronze             Evan Brown                             Newburgh                    15 points


LESAA Division 1 Girls medalists:

Based on 7 points 1st place, 5 points 2nd place, 3 points for 3rd place and 1 point for 4th place – maximum 21 points


Midget Girls:

Gold                 Alyssa Luffman             H.H.Langford               17 points

Silver                Alysha Macinnis                       North Addington          15 points

Silver                Katryna O’Connor                   Centreville                    15 points

Bronze             Megan Herritt                           Sandhurst                     14 points


Bantam Girls:

Gold                 Emily Wartman             The Prince Charles       15 points

Gold                 Jazmine Holden                        H.H. Langford              15 points

Silver                Jenna Raabe                             H.H. Langford              14 points

Bronze             Heather Raabe                         H.H. Langford              13 points


Atom Girls:

Gold                 Clarissa Froom                         Holsgrove                     15 points

Gold                 Fiona Mcneill Knowles             Centreville                    15 points

Silver                Amelia Powell                          The Prince Charles       14 points

Bronze             Hannah Bradshaw                    The Prince Charles       11 points