LESAA General Meeting
Wednesday, September 10, 2008
Board Office – Conference Room C

1.        Call to order

2.      Attendance

3.      Adoption of Agenda

4.        Adoption of Minutes

5.        Business arising from Minutes

a.        Replacement of athletic directors

6.        Reports::-

a.        Principal’s Report

b.       Executive Report         

                                 i.      Cross Country – Anita Dannenburg

1.  Registration

a.  Region 3

b. Due date for registration

c.  Venue for region

                               ii.Volleyball – Steve Down

1.  Proposal – That the knock-out draw form(see format below) used in the Division 1 tournament last year be extended to the other divisions next year (note that 8 teams are required for the knock-out draw; if the tournament has fewer teams, the existing format will continue to be used)

                             iii.      Basketball – Erik Vreeken

1.        Proposal - That the use of the three point line in championship games be eliminated permanently from LESSA competitions.

                              iv.      Ultimate Frisbee – Tom Bush

1.         Championships dates

2.         Interest in the sport

3.        Coaching the Coaches Conference

4.        Spring Clinic

                                v.      Track and Field – Shelley Desarmia

1.        Proposal - that the track and field regions be reduced from six regions to five regions.  These regions will ensure that they are more equitable in numbers ( each region will have around 525 athletes) and 10 or 11 schools in each region.

2.        Proposal (If the five region track and field set up is adopted) - that the region who has their meet first each year will send four athletes to the county meet and all other divisions will send five athletes to accommodate the right number of athletes in the races.

3.         Proposal - that the starting height for the midget high jump be raised to 1.3m then go up by 10 cm to 1.4 cm then up by 5 cm or at the discretion of the person running the event.

c.      Coordinator Report

                                 i.    Financial Report – John Hall

7.        Information Items

a.        Coaching the Coaches Conference – Erik Vreeken

b.       Status of new track.

8.         New business

a.        Proposal – That a committee be setup to investigate the possibility of returning soccer as a LESAA sponsored sport.

b.       Other business

9.        Adjournment