Loughborough Public School
Barnstorm Classic
Elementary Boys’ and Girls’ Basketball Tournaments

Tournament Dates - Boys
Friday, January 27th
Saturday, January 28th

Friday, February 24th
Saturday, February 25th

We will accept 12 teams for each tournament. You are guaranteed 4 games. Games will be scheduled from 3:00 PM - 8:00 PM each night on Friday night and 8:00 - 3:00 on Saturday. Games will be played at Sydenham High School and Loughborough Public School. Referees and scorers will be provided by Sydenham High School.

• 20 minute halves run time - last minute of each half stop time
• if the score differential is 10 points of greater it will be run time
• bonus on 6th team foul and double bonus on the 10th team foul
• three time outs per game (2 in any half)

T-shirts will be awarded to the winner of the championship game.

COST: $100.00/ TEAM Make cheques payable to Loughborough Public School.

Reply via first class to Mark McCrady or Erik Vreeken, Loughborough Public School or by phone 376-3848. Please leave your name, school and whether you are entering boys/girls or both.