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File2012 Kingston Champship Picture Gallery.htm  HTML Document 17K2012/3/19 11:18 AM
FileCalvin City Finalits2012.jpg  JPEG Image 186K2012/3/8 11:29 PM
FileCalvin City Finalits2012_small.jpg  JPEG Image 8.1K2012/3/9 12:18 PM
FileCalvin ParkGirls MVP 2012.jpg  JPEG Image 197K2012/3/8 11:53 PM
FileCalvin ParkGirls MVP 2012_small.jpg  JPEG Image 7.1K2012/3/9 12:18 PM
FileLancaster Boys Captains with plaque 2012.jpg  JPEG Image 141K2012/3/8 11:37 PM
FileLancaster boys div 1 champs 2012.jpg  JPG File 162K2014/3/18 3:16 PM
FileLancaster boys div 1 champs 2012_small.jpg  JPEG Image 7.1K2012/3/9 6:00 PM
FileLancaster Boys MVP 2012.jpg  JPEG Image 117K2012/3/8 11:44 PM
FileLancaster Boys MVP 2012_small.jpg  JPEG Image 6.1K2012/3/9 12:15 AM
FileOLMC Boys finalists 2012  Unknown 2M2012/3/19 8:27 AM
FileOLMC Boys finalists 2012.JPG  JPEG Image 671K2012/3/19 10:59 AM
FileOur Lady of Carmel Boys MVP 2012.jpg  JPEG Image 134K2012/3/8 11:33 PM
FileOur Lady of Carmel Boys MVP 2012_small.jpg  JPEG Image 6.1K2012/3/9 12:18 PM
FileSt martha captains with plaques 2012.jpg  JPEG Image 161K2012/3/8 11:27 PM
FileSt Martha Champs 2012.jpg  JPEG Image 186K2012/3/8 11:40 PM
FileSt Martha Champs 2012_small.jpg  JPEG Image 7.1K2012/3/9 12:18 PM
FileSt Martha MVp 2012.jpg  JPEG Image 174K2012/3/8 9:37 PM
FileSt Martha MVp 2012_small.jpg  JPEG Image 7.1K2012/3/9 12:18 PM