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Wess Garrod HEAL Award
Date of Issue: June 2007

Terms of Reference:

1.  Background

The HEAL (Healthy Education Active Living) Committee is made up of teachers, administrators, senior administration, and community organizations (e.g. YMCA, KFL&A Public Health, Queen’s University, etc.) whose goal is to find ways of helping students and staff in the Limestone community develop strategies for leading healthy active lifestyles.

When Supervising Principal Wess Garrod retired in 2006, a HEAL plaque was presented to him as a reminder of his personal and professional dedication in the area of student and staff wellness.

The Wess Garrod HEAL Award will be given out on a yearly basis to an employee of the Limestone District School Board who has contributed in a variety of ways to the promotion and improvement of Healthy Living for All.  

2.  Awards
The Board will recognize one employee of his/her contributions to the promotion and improvement in the area of Healthy Living for All.

Presentation of this award shall be considered for June of each school year. The award shall be presented at the recipient's school.

The recipient shall receive a keepsake plaque, and his/her name will be added to a larger
plaque kept at the Board Office in the Human Resources Department.

3.  Nominations
The HEAL Committee (Healthy Education Active Living) shall send requests for nominations to Principals, Chairs of School Councils, and Executive Committee members in late April/early May of each school year.

Nominations shall be sent to the HEAL Committee c/o the Human Resources Department. Submissions must be received by the end of May.

Schools may submit one nomination in response to the request for nominations. Nominees may be Support or Professional Staff. Each nomination shall include:

A brief description of the nominee’s contribution in a variety of ways to development of healthy living initiatives and/or leadership in the area of Healthy Living for All to students and/or staff over the course of the school year(s).

Nominees may wish to consider an employee who:

  • began a Fitness Ambassador program in the school;
  • initiated a staff event or program that supports employee wellness;
  • ran an intramural program;
  • started up a new sport or activity at the school or coached existing programs, etc.
  • supported colleagues during times of stress
Signature of the Principal, Supervisory Officer, or Manager included with the nomination letter. Other supporting documentation, if available.

A citation to be read at the presentation. The citation should be suitable for use by a HEAL representative at the presentation ceremony. The citation shall be edited by staff at the nominating school, and should be between 250 - 300 words. The citation should be doubled spaced, and be  e-mailed to the Secretary of the Supervising Principal of Human Resources.

4.  Decisions
The HEAL Committee (with membership from teachers, administrators, senior administration, and community organizations) shall be final.

One employee of the Limestone District School Board will be recognized annually at either their school and/or at the June Board Meeting.

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