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Infection Prevention and Control: Routine Practices
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Infection Prevention and Control: Routine Practices
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January 2011
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Procedure for Cleaning up
Body Spills and Vomit / Fecal Accidents

Individuals who clean up blood and body fluids, vomit or feces, should minimize the risk of infection to themselves and others by following the steps outlined below.


  • Disposable gloves must be worn during cleaning and disenfecting procedures.  If the risk of splashing exists, the worker should wear protective eyewear and a gown as well.
  • If any broken glass or sharps are involved, they should be disposed with care into a sharps container.
  • The spill area must be cleaned of visible organic material (blood, feces, etc.) before applying disinfectant,  as disinfectants are substantially inactivated by blood and other materials.
  • Excess blood, vomit, feces and fluid should be absorbed and removed with disposable towels.  Discard the towels in a plastic-lined waste receptacle that you bring with you.
  • After cleaning, the affected area should be disinfected with hospital grade  disinfectant.
  • Leave the disinfectant on the surface according to the manufacturer's recommendations.
  • The treated area should be wiped with paper towels soaked in tap water.  Allow the area to dry.
  • The towels, gloves and other disposable equipment should be discarded in a plastic-lined waste receptacle.  Immediately tie and place with regular waste where daily trash removal occurs.  Take care not to contaminate other surfaces during this process.  Change gloves as needed.
  • Care must be taken to avoid splashing or generating aerosols during the clean up.
  • Hands must be thoroughly washed for 15 seconds with soap and warm water after gloves are removed.

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