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Infection Prevention and Control: Routine Practice
Health Issue Category
Infection Prevention and Control
Date of Issue
Revision Date
February, 2011
Related Policies, Administrative Procedures and Forms:

A)      Responsibilities of the Limestone District School Board

-       develop Administrative Procedure 171 Bloodborne Pathogens: H.I.V., A.I.D.S.,
                Hepatitis B & C
        -       develop and update Health Issues Handbook in consultation with Public Health and South          East Community Care Access Centre (SECCAC)
        -       provide for central purchasing of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)
        -       provide for training of all staff as appropriate
        -       provides a safe learning environment for all students
        -       provides a safe working environment for all employees and provides proper training and          re-training as needed

B)      Responsibilities of Tri-Board Transportation

-       communicate with contracting companies and DSB drivers information related to Routine Practices

C)      Responsibilities of the Parents/Guardians

-       share medical information as appropriate with Director of Education or with School Principal so that proper routine practice and PPE are in place (see Appendix D for List of Childhood Illnesses from Public Health)
        -       supply continence supplies as appropriate
        -       keep sick children at home
        -       provide update emergency contact information
D)      Responsibilities of the School Principal

        -       inform Director of suspected or known communicable diseases as per AP171
        -       ensure all staff (including occasional/casual staff) are aware of Routine Practices
        -       ensure staff are following Routine Practices
        -       review registration forms for disclosed medical information
        -       set up staff training as required
        -       ensure staff are aware of location(s) of Health Issues Handbook
        -       report identified disclosed information to Medical Officer of Health
        -       provide PPE as required (see other information on The Hub forms)
        -       provide private/separate space for the dignity of students and staff

E)      Responsibilities of Teaching and Support Staff

        -       be aware of and follow Routine Practice
        -       report knowledge of  infectious disease to school principal if the staff member becomes       aware of such
        -       be diligent in observing and reporting suspected illnesses
        -       participate in training
-   re-enforce awareness of Routine Practices with students and others, especially hand hygiene

F)      Responsibilities of Custodial Staff

        -       discuss cleaning and disinfecting procedures with school principal
        -       use cleaners and equipment as specified by Facility Services of the Limestone DSB
        -       dispose of materials properly and safely
        -       request support from Area Supervisors as appropriate

G) Responsibilities of Students
        -       follow Routine Practices
        -       follow school procedures

H)      Responsibilities of Public Health

        -       provide training for Routine Practices as requested and available
        -       provide resources as appropriate and available
        -       provide updated information as required

I)      Responsibilities of South East Community Care Access Centre

        -       provide consultation as required

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