District Learning Centre (Autism)

District Autism Classrooms
The four district autism programs are designed to serve as an option for students diagnosed with Autism.  The programs are intended to support students in their schooling and prepare them for full time attendance at their community school.  Programs focus on the four following components:  communication, socialization, behaviour and academics.
The District Autism Classrooms are full-time programs.  There is an 8:1, student to teacher ratio.  Classes are assigned 1.5 Educational Assistants (EAs) to support students in their learning goals.  
Referrals occur annually in March.  Schools submit referrals directly to the Autism Team at Educational Services.  Criteria for referrals are as follows:
  • medical diagnosis
  • using speech as primary mode of communication
  • not receiving service from School to Community Services
  • parental support of school referral
  • demonstration of need
A committee meets to review the referrals and students are placed into classes for the following September.

District Learning Centre
Program Structure
Primary Support Program
Grades 1 to 3
Primary / Junior Support Program
Grades 1 to 6
Junior Support Program
Grades 4 to 6
Intermediate Support Program
Grades 7 and 8