Mental Health Strategy for Limestone District School Board 2016-2017
We are committed to creating school environments that support the well-being and resiliency of all of our students and recognize the link between mental health and achievement.  Working with our students, their families, and our communities, we will continue to enhance our understanding of how to promote positive mental health for all our students.

This mental health strategy will provide leadership in promoting:
  • A board-wide culture of positive mental health promotion and an understanding  of our shared responsibility with our families and community in supporting the mental health of all our students
  • Ongoing implementation and evaluation of evidence-based best practices that provide prevention programming for all students and interventions for students with mental health challenges
  • Ongoing development of a coordinated care approach with our community partners that provides responsive service for our students and their families
  • Capacity building in mental health awareness and mental health literacy for staff as the first responders and caring adults for all students.
  • Continued collaboration with community partners in providing a system of care for our students which includes quick access to support for students in crisis, joint training opportunities, and research partnerships in implementing evidence-based programs.
  • Continued focus on mental health promotion and prevention for all students
  • Focus on working with staff and families in the early identification of students in need and help in connecting them to both board and community supports.
Action Plan for 2016-2017 for Limestone District School Board

Core Elements
Capacity Building
Evidence-Based Practice
Community Collaboration
Evaluation and Monitoring

Provide training opportunities for educators in social-emotional learning curriculum
Continue to create and provide mini-presentations on mental health topics for use in schools (e.g. staff meetings)
Provide ongoing workshop learning series on mental health special topics
Pilot project with JG Simcoe, Molly Brant ES, and RHPS around trauma-informed practice with a whole school approach.
Provide training in mindfulness for select grade 7 and 8 classrooms

In collaboration with communications department and KFLA Public Health, provide ongoing education campaign around wellness and resiliency  - school challenge to have a “DWA” (Daily Wellness Activity)

Evaluation of pilot project on trauma informed practice at Molly Brant ES, RHPS, and JG Simcoe PS in collaboration with Dr. Sian Phillips


In collaboration with community partners, provide Safe Talk training to staff
Provide presentations on mental health and wellness to teacher candidates at Queens University and at New Teacher Induction Program (NTIP)

Participation in the Community Youth Suicide Prevention Planning Committee
Participation in the Moving on Mental Health Task Force
Collection of individual needs assessment and resource mapping data collected from school administrators and counselling staff
Continue to collect student voice through needs assessment and resource mapping process in schools
Provide Violence Risk Threat Assessment training to teaching staff and community partners (Level 1 and 2 in alternating years)
Provide Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (Suicide ASIST) to  staff who work with intermediate and senior students
Provide mental health and wellness presentation at Principal Qualification Program (PQP) courses.
Continue to share updates and resources through the LDSB MH Twitter account
Continue to implement anxiety prevention program (Fun FRIENDS) in Grade One classrooms
Continue to implement Mental Health Curriculum in all Grade 9 Phys. Ed. classes and link more explicitly to new Phys. Ed. Curriculum
Continue to implement Roots of Empathy program with a focus on FDK and junior classrooms
Continue to foster partnerships with community agencies focused on research projects, joint training, and pathways to care
Continue collaboration with community partners regarding the intervention plan of a Community Threat/Risk Assessment

Use Tell Them From Me survey data from parents and students to inform Mental Health Strategy development
Ongoing evaluation of mental health and wellness initiatives projects
Continue database regarding suicide risk assessments completed and crisis calls