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Safe & Accepting Schools
No Bullying PosterSchools need to be places that promote responsibility, respect, civility, and academic excellence in a safe learning and teaching environment. A positive school climate exists when all members of the school community feel safe, included and accepted, and all members of the school community actively promote positive behaviour and interactions.

All students, parents, and school staff have the right to be safe, and to feel safe, in their school community. With this right comes the responsibility to contribute to a positive school climate. The promotion of strategies and initiatives such as Student Success and character development, along with the employment of prevention and intervention strategies to address inappropriate behaviour, fosters a positive school climate that supports student achievement and the well-being of all students.

The provincial and Board Codes of Conduct set clear standards of behaviour for a safe and positive school climate. Physical, verbal, written, sexual, or psychological abuse, bullying, discrimination and the willful damage of property are not tolerated. These standards of behaviour apply to students whether they are on school property, on school buses, at school-related events or activities, or in other circumstances that could have an impact on the school climate. They also apply to all individuals involved in the publicly-funded school system – principals, teachers, other school staff, parents, volunteers, and community groups.

Explore this section to learn more about fostering safe and healthy environments, bullying awareness and prevention, community supports and the new safe schools legislation.

Bullying Awareness, Prevention and Intervention
Community Supports
Community Threat Assessment Protocol and Threats to School Safety
Equity and Inclusive Education
Fostering Safe Working and Learning Environments
Positive School Climate Plans
Safe Schools Legislation

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