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Choices at Seven: Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do we apply for LEAP, Challenge and ATLAS?
        All applications are completed online at

2. Where can I get more information about the programmes and the admission requirements?                 
If you go to the Calvin Park P.S. website, you can access the slide shows from the Open House evenings held last year. Please be aware that the dates referred to in the slide show refer to last year. All dates for this year are on the Board website.

3. Challenge is offered at 3 sites. Can we apply for whichever one we prefer?
No. There are geographical boundaries for each site, indicated on the Board website. Particular elementary schools feed into each site, eg. northern schools into Loughborough, western area schools into Odessa, and the others into Calvin Park. Please note that you can only apply to one Challenge site.

4. Can we apply to more than one programme, for instance LEAP and Challenge?                                            
Certainly. Several students apply to both programmes every year.

5. How do you decide who gets accepted?                                                                                                                  
Children are assessed during the day long workshops, through a whole series of activities, their report cards are scored, their presentations during the workshop day are assessed, and the Challenge students also complete a pencil and paper language and math assessment on the workshop day.

6. How do you get a copy of my child’s report card?                                                                                              
If your child attends a school within the Limestone Board, we access the report card electronically. If your child attends a school outside our Board or is home schooled, you will be asked to deliver or mail a hard copy of the most recent report card to the Limestone Education Centre at 220 Portsmouth Avenue, Kingston K7L 4X4, or FAX  it to 613-544-6321, or scan and email it to

7. Can my child apply for a grade 8 placement in LEAP, Challenge or ATLAS?                                                  
Yes. The process is the same as for grade 7. Please note that there are only limited vacancies in the grade 8 programmes, because most of our students continue on in the programme from grade 7 unless they move away or have some other family change. LEAP applicants PLEASE NOTE that grade 8 applicants must have completed the equivalent of one year of instrumental music instruction and bring along the instrument on the workshop day to demonstrate their level of achievement, in addition to the audition piece they have prepared.

8. How many applicants apply and how many are accepted into each programme?                              
        ATLAS:          Applicants: About 60-80, Accepted: 20                                                                                                          
        LEAP:   Applicants: About 150, Accepted: 56                                                                                                  
        Challenge, Loughborough:        Applicants: 45- 50, Accepted: 28                                                                                                                 
        Challenge, Odessa:              Applicants: 35-50, Accepted: 28                                                                                      
        Challenge, Calvin  Park:        Applicants: 150, Accepted: 56

9. Is there a waiting list?                                                                                                                                                    
Yes, a short waiting list is established for all programmes, and it is kept active until the end of September. Vacancies are created, for instance, if a child is accepted into both LEAP and Challenge, so has to accept one offer and decline the other, and then that vacancy will be offered right away to the next person on the waiting list.

10. If my child doesn’t get in, will we be notified?                                                                                              
Yes. All applicants are notified if they are accepted, placed on the waiting list, or if they are not being offered a space, on the notification to parents date.

11. What is the deadline for applications?                                                                                                              
        All of the dates are posted on the Board website.

12. What is the process for applying  for LEAP, Challenge and ATLAS?                                                              
All applicants for LEAP and Challenge will be invited to a day long workshop, where a number of assessments will be completed. Scores are put together with the report card scores and the students are ranked in numerical order, by scores.  ATLAS applicants go through a pre-screening process, in consultation with school staff and scoring of the report card, and then will be notified whether they are being invited to the workshop, or that they don’t meet the criteria for the programme.

13. Can we visit the programmes and meet the staff?                                                                                     
There will be Open House evenings for all programmes at all sites. You are encouraged to attend these information evenings along with your children. This is an opportunity to get a clear overview of the programmes and meet some of the staff.

14. Is transportation provided?                                                                                                                                    
Busing is not guaranteed, but students are almost always accommodated on a bus. If your child is accepted into a programme, at the time of registration at the school, you can complete an application for transportation, and if Tri-Board Transportation can find a space on a bus which is near where you live and going to the site your child would be attending, they will make every effort to accommodate the request. However, this may result in your child arriving a bit late and leaving a bit early every day, which may affect his/her progress.

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