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Secondary Evaluation and Reporting Procedures
This document focuses on the evaluation and reporting of learning skills & work habits and
academic achievement. The aim is to provide a clear rationale for, and statement of, Board
procedures. The procedures outlined herein are consistent with regulations of the Ontario
Ministry of Education. Where required, the fundamental principles and key beliefs stated in
Section 2 have been used to clarify and expand on Ministry policy statements. This policy
document has been revised to account for the release of the Ontario Ministry of Education
document Growing Success. While our pre-existing key beliefs (August 2008) were philosophically
aligned with the seven fundamental principles identified in Growing Success, further clarification
was required to support the stated Ministry goal of improved consistency in assessment,
evaluation and reporting procedures among schools within each board.
Four companion documents have been developed to provide ongoing support for educators. The
first, Secondary Assessment, Evaluation, and Reporting: Support Documents for Teachers, contains
questions for clarification with responses, templates, and examples of effective practices; the
second, Secondary Evaluation and Reporting Procedures: Facilitators' Guide, is an implementation
tool to aid school-level facilitators as they work with teaching staff in the area of assessment and
evaluation. The third, Parent & Guardian's Guide to Assessment and Evaluation, clarifies our
procedures for our broader school community, while the fourth and final companion document,
Student Agenda Insert, is included in each school's student agenda to relay important information
relevant to students about our assessment and evaluation procedures. These companion
documents are meant to be practical resources in supporting the professional practice of teachers.
These four companion documents will be dynamic in nature, allowing teachers to share high-yield
practices through continual investigation of new ideas, collaborative learning, and professional