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Secondary Evaluation and Reporting Procedures


professional knowledge informed by understanding of curriculum expectations,
context, evidence of learning, methods of instruction and assessment, and the
criteria and standards that indicate success in student learning; in professional
practice, judgement involves a purposeful and systematic thinking process that
evolves in terms of accuracy and insight with ongoing reflection and self-
correction; in professional practice, teachers make decisions within the
educational context provided by parameters set out by Ministry policy, Board
policies and procedures, the Ontario College of Teachers Standards of Practice, and
the Education Act
Provincial Standard
achievement of curricular expectations at level 3, as described in the achievement
chart; parents/ teachers of students achieving at level 3 can be confident that their
children/students will be prepared for work in subsequent courses


accurate measurements of performance relative to the levels of the achievement
chart; if, through reference to the achievement chart, different teachers of the
same course come to the same conclusion about the quality of student work, then
such evidence is reliable
Rich Performance
see performance task
Specific Expectation
the knowledge and skills, described in detail, that students are expected to
develop and demonstrate; teachers are responsible for the instruction of all
specific expectations but will choose which specific expectations will be used to
best evaluate the overall expectations of the course
Success Criteria
specific descriptions of successful attainment of learning goals developed by
teachers on the basis of criteria in, and categories of, the achievement chart, and
moderated through student-teacher discussion and collaboration; used to
determine to what degree a learning goal has been achieved; criteria and qualifiers
describe what success "looks like", and allow the teacher and student to gather
information about the quality of student learning
Assessment Tasks
assessment tasks administered at the end of a period of learning used to
determine the level of achievement of overall expectations; feedback on
summative assessment tasks should be used by students and teachers to indicate
the next steps for learning and instruction
measurements of achievement that are directly related to the overall curriculum
expectations of the course