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Secondary Evaluation and Reporting Procedures

Assessment for Learning refers to the use of assessment data, both formative and summative, by
learners and their teachers to decide where the learners are in their learning, where they need to
go next, and how best to get there. The information gathered is used by teachers to provide
feedback and adjust instruction, and by students to focus their learning.
Effective assessment and evaluation methods act to support and improve student learning.
Sharing learning goals and success criteria with students at the outset of learning ensures that
students and teachers have a common and shared understanding of these goals and criteria as
learning progresses.
Student learning is enhanced through the provision of effective feedback. Feedback is
effective when it relates directly to the learning goal, and describes strengths and next steps
for improvement.
Specific, constructive and supportive feedback, both verbal and written, motivates students to
persist and to improve.
Assessing current levels of understanding at regular intervals in the learning cycle allows
teachers to support all students.
Differentiated instruction and assessment allow all learners to experience success.
When teachers use diagnostic assessment and formative assessment data to inform their
instruction, learning remains accessible to all learners and students become partners in their
own learning process.

Assessment as Learning refers to the reflective process of metacognition where learners engage in
thinking about their learning. When students actively consider their learning skills and work
habits, as well as their achievement relative to curriculum expectations, they become independent
Students will experience greater levels of success beyond school when they become
independent learners.
Students become independent learners when they are proficient at reflecting on their
learning, and are able to develop an understanding of their current level of achievement and
their next steps for improvement.
Teachers support independent learning by providing explicit instruction and opportunity for
students to reflect on their learning