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Secondary School Edition
Parent & Guardian's Guide to
Assessment and Evaluation
We know that a respectful and collaborative partnership between
parents and guardians and their children's schools is one of the most
significant factors in ensuring student success. We sincerely hope that
this guide provides you with useful information about how your
children's learning is supported through assessment and evaluation.
The guide is designed to answer common questions that we hear from
parents and guardians, and to provide some starting points for
conversations that you might have with your children and their
teachers and school administrators. Our secondary evaluation and
reporting policy is posted on our board's website
). We value your input, and intend to continue
to work with our parent and guardian community to ensure success for
all of our students.
Learning skills and work habits are critical factors in the development of
students as lifelong learners, and as contributors to society and the world of
work. That is why they are reported separately on the Ontario report card. If
teachers and parents continue to stress the importance of learning skills and
work habits, then it is more likely that students will also see their importance.
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Why are learning skills and work habits so important?
We value our partnership
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Second Edition - Updated June 2010
Balanced Assessment
Our Key Beliefs
Course Outlines A Tool for
Learning Skills and Work
Levels and Categories of
The Ontario Report Card
Parent-teacher Communication
Promoting Academic Honesty
Additional Questions and
Answers / Glossary of Terms