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        20161116_111216_0.png   Meeting Notes from PARC Meeting #1 were revised, at the December 8th Working Meetin, to correct the spelling of the name of one of the members and are available here.

               Names of PARC Members and Resource Staff Members
3.  Presentations: (Large Group)        
                Overview of:
                        Board Policy #15: Pupil Accommodation Review;
                        Administrative Procedure #120: Pupil Accommodation Review;
                        Initial Staff Report and SIP; and
                        PARC Mandate.
4.      Questions (Small Group Activity)        
                        Questions Identified to Date                                    
-  Members work individually to write their questions
-  Share questions at table and record
-  Share verbally with total group
-  Clarify as needed and group and/or agree on questions that are the same

Questions will be answered as quickly as possible prior to the Public Meeting date. Answers will be e-mailed to members and posted on the Board’s website.

5.      Other Business
6.      Next Meeting
                PARC Public Meeting #1 – November 30, 2016 at 6:30 pm, Odessa P.S.
        Additional information about the format for the meeting and the pre-registration is located on the Board’s website.
 PARC Working Meeting #2 – December 8, 2016 at 6:30 pm, Odessa P.S.
       Focus on:
        -       Review &Clarify questions and answers;
        -       Review feedback from Public Meeting #1;
        -       Start to gather feedback from PARC members.
7.      Adjournment

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