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District-wide French Review
The suggestion for a French Review was put forward during several of the Program & Accommodation Reviews that have occurred across the Limestone District School Board. The goal of the review is to ensure high quality, sustainable French as a Second Language programs to serve students within the district. Your valuable input will help us gain insight and understanding of what works and what could be improved around French as a Second Language programming within Limestone.

The review will consider all French as a Second Language programs throughout the district including elementary and secondary Core French, Extended French and Immersion French programs. The review will also consider several factors and data including, but not limited to:
  • program enrolment;
  • retention and outcomes;
  • locations and catchment areas;
  • transportation;
  • instructional program;
  • professional learning;
  • resources;
  • staffing and finance;
  • and relevant research findings.
Input from our stakeholders is an important part of this review. Various consultations were held with School Councils, French as a Second Language Core, Extended, Immersion, and English language teachers and administrators, students, parents and the public. The Board also engaged its stakeholders is through an innovative online engagement process called Thoughtstream. This approach to consultation asked stakeholders four open-ended questions about their schools and French programming. Then, participants were asked to rank the common themes that were submitted during the first phase so that they could tell us what is most important to them.

The District-Wide French Review took place over several months and a final report and recommendations was presented to Trustees in spring 2015.

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