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February 26, 2014 - Property Operations Minutes

Property/Operations Committee Meeting Minutes                                                                                                            February 26, 2014
Limestone District School Board

        A meeting of the Property/Operations Committee was held at the Barry C. O’Connor Boardroom, Limestone District School Board Office, 220 Portsmouth Ave., Kingston, ON, on Wednesday, February 26, 2014 at 5:30 p.m.

Trustees:               G. Beavis, H. Brown, E. Crawford, L. French, A. Goodfellow (Chair),
        D. Jackson, S. Ruttan

Officials:              P. Babin, Superintendent of Business Services
        W. Toms, Manager of ITS and Planning Officer
        D. Fowler, Manager of Facility Services
        B. Fraser-Stiff, Superintendent of Education

Guest:                  H. Kembel, C. Jarvis, Colbourne & Kembel Architects Inc.
        G. Taylor, Tri-Board Student Transportation Services Inc.

Regrets:        H. Chadwick, Trustee, M. McCormac, Student Trustee

Recorder:       M. Aitken, Records Management Coordinator


        Chair Goodfellow called the meeting to order and welcomed guests Heather Kembel and Colleen Jarvis, of Colbourne & Kembel Architects Inc. and Gord Taylor of Tri-Board Student Transportation Services Inc.

        She also reported that she had received regrets from Trustee Chadwick.

Approval of Agenda

        Trustee Jackson requested that the issue of a proposed cell tower being planned at the corner of Sir John A. Macdonald Boulevard and Johnson Street, near Centennial Pubic School be added to the agenda.

        MOVED BY Trustee Jackson that the amended agenda be approved. Carried.

Declaration of Conflict of Interest

        No declarations were made.   


        Chair Goodfellow called for a motion to move to Private Session for a presentation from Colbourne & Kembel Architects Inc., the firm awarded the design of the new elementary school in Kingston North.
        MOVED BY Trustee Brown to move to Private Session. Carried at 5:30 p.m.  

        Chair Goodfellow called for a motion to return to Public Session.

        MOVED BY Trustee Brown to return to Public Session. Carried at 6:15 p.m.

Tri-Board Student Transportation Services Inc., Gord Taylor

        Mr. Taylor gave a presentation on this year’s bus cancelations and identified that there have been five system-wide bus cancelations due to the weather, which is a greater number than in recent years however this has not been a record year. He did mention the number of “decision days”, whereby a decision to cancel buses at 5:30 in the morning are up and would probably be a record this year, due to the severe winter weather conditions we are experiencing across our district.

        Mr. Taylor shared the various communications methods used by Tri-Board to keep the public informed about bus cancelations, including the Tri-Board website with approximately 40,000 visitors to the Bus Planner Platform; 117,000 page views; approximately 65,000
e-mail subscribers; 5,100 Twitter followers; 2,600 @BusDelayNCancel followers; and 500 Facebook followers. Mr. Taylor then responded to questions from Trustees.

        Chair Goodfellow thanked Mr. Taylor and the Tri-Board Student Transportation Services team for their work and for the safety of our students while being transported to and from school this winter.

Determination of Number of Trustees and Distribution of Trustees – 2014 Election

        Superintendent Babin presented a report on the determination and distribution of Trustees for the upcoming 2014 elections in accordance with Section 58.1 of the Education Act and Ontario Regulation 412/00. All school boards are required to complete the necessary calculations by April 3, 2014.

        The Board recently received the 2014 report of electoral group population from the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) which is the basis for determining the number of Trustees. The report identifies a total population of 135,522 which is down 3,537 from the 2010 total population of 139,059. The number of Trustees calculated for 2014 is 9 Trustees, which is the same as the current level of Trustees.

        Superintendent Babin also mentioned that if a board has jurisdiction in more than one municipality, the board must pass a resolution that either designates one or more municipalities as low population municipalities OR state that the board has decided to not designate any municipality as a low population municipality. Boards are required to pass a low population resolution by March 31, 2014. Currently, the municipalities of North Frontenac, Central Frontenac and Addington Highlands are designated as low population municipalities.

        Superintendent Babin reviewed the determination and distribution of Trustee calculations in accordance with Section 58.1 of the Education Act and Ontario Regulation 412/00 contained in the report. He then responded to questions from Trustees.

        MOTION: That the Board approve the following:

1)    In accordance with Ontario Regulation 412/00, Section 4.(1)(a) and Section 4.(2) made under the Education Act, the Limestone District School Board:

  •    Designate the municipalities of North Frontenac, Central Frontenac and Addington  Highlands as low population municipalities;
ii.   The sum of the electoral quotients for these municipalities be increased by one; and

iii.  Direct that an alternative distribution of Trustees be completed.

2)    In accordance with Section 7 of Ontario Regulation 412/00, that the alternative distribution of Trustees be approved as follows:

City of Kingston (5 Trustees)

Trustee 1                                               Districts 1, 12 and Frontenac Islands
Trustee 2                                               Districts 7 and 11
Trustee 3                                               Districts 5, 6 and 8
Trustee 4                                               Districts 9 and 10
Trustee 5                                               Districts 2, 3 and 4

Loyalist & Stone Mills Townships                (1 Trustee)
Greater Napanee                                 (1 Trustee)
Central Frontenac, Addington Highlands &North Frontenac Townships               (1 Trustee)
South Frontenac Township                        (1 Trustee)

        MOVED BY Trustee French. Carried.

        Trustee Jackson raised concerns that the January 2014 response from the Honourable Liz Sandals, Minister of Education did not fully address the Board’s letter of December 2, 2013 referencing the Ontario Municipal Board ruling in the City of Kingston and requesting amendments to Ontario Regulation 412/00, such that trustee determination calculations incorporate the use of electoral group population numbers based upon census data rather than the current method of using only registered elector population numbers as reported by MPAC.
        MOTION:  That the Board request the Minister of Education to review Trustee representation methodology in light of both significant rural and urban variances between Statistics Canada Census data and MPAC elector data as evidenced in the recent decision of the Ontario Municipal Board decision on representation in the City of Kingston.

        MOVED BY Trustee Jackson. Carried.

Ontario Financing Authority – 2014 Long-term Financing
        Superintendent Babin mentioned that the Ministry of Education is asking school boards to again obtain long-term financing through the Ontario Financing Authority (OFA), a Crown agency of the Province of Ontario, responsible for provincial borrowing and debt activities.

        The plan is to have the OFA make available long-term financing to boards in June 2014 for eligible capital projects completed by August 31, 2013.

        The Board has incurred $189,874 in eligible financing construction costs for schools opened in 2012 funded under the Ministry’s Good Places to Learn capital program. He mentioned that it is common for construction costs to be incurred after the school is officially opened, citing examples of settlements of change-orders and normal billing cycles.

        Chair Goodfellow thanked Superintendent Babin for the report.

        MOTION: That the Board approve the following:

1)    That the Limestone District School Board By-Law #001-2014 to enter into a long-term financing arrangement with the Ontario Financing Authority for $189,874 in support of not permanently financed costs incurred on Good Places to Learn eligible projects;

2)    That the Limestone District School Board authorize Senior Staff to take all appropriate action to implement the new long-term financing arrangements as per the attached by-law and loan agreement between the Board and the Ontario Financing Authority.

        MOVED BY Trustee Jackson. Carried.
Amherst Island Wind Turbines - Ministry of the Environment
        A copy of a recent letter to the Senior Project Evaluator at the Ministry of Environment relating to the proposed Wind Farm on Amherst Island was shared at the meeting.

        Trustee Brown expressed her thanks to the Trustees, on behalf of the community of Amherst Island, for their support of resending a letter to the Ministry of the Environment.

Other Business - Proposed Cell Tower

        Trustee Jackson expressed concern on the proposed cell tower being planned at the corner of Sir John A. Macdonald Boulevard and Johnson Street, near Centennial Pubic School.
        Superintendent Babin responded that Industry Canada is responsible for cell towers and for safety regulations, including RF emissions. He also stated that the Board does not have a policy and we take the lead from the City of Kingston and the local health authority on these matters.

        Manager Toms mentioned all applicants seeking to build a tower must submit an application to the Federal Government demonstrating compliance with Safety Code Six regulatory requirements, prior to approval being granted.

        He also mentioned that the City of Kingston has a policy for new towers being planned and that a public meeting is to be held by the Planning Committee and notices are to be sent to all landowners within 120 meters of the proposed site.

        Manager Toms also referenced a February 2009 report to the City from the local Medical Officer of Health that concluded that proposed cellular towers that meet Safety Code Six requirements pose no risk to the general public, with respect to RF exposure.

        Chair Goodfellow thanked Superintendent Babin and Manager Toms for providing the information.

        After Trustee discussion, Trustee Jackson proposed the following.

        MOTION: That a report be prepared describing options for responding to cell tower installation distances when they are proposed to be constructed within 2 km of a school operated by the Limestone District School Board.

        MOVED BY Trustee Jackson. Defeated.

Date of Next Meeting

        Wednesday, March 26, 2014, at the Limestone District School Board Education Centre, 220 Portsmouth Ave., Kingston


        Chair Goodfellow called for a motion to adjourn the meeting.

        MOVED BY Trustee Crawford that the meeting adjourn at 7:55 p.m. Carried.