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May 30, 2012 - Property Operations Minutes
Property/Operations Committee
May 30, 2012

        A meeting of the Property/Operations Committee was held in the Barry C. O’Connor Board Room at the Limestone Education Centre, 220 Portsmouth Avenue, Kingston, on Wednesday, May 30, 2012, at 5:30~p.m.      
Present Trustees:
D. Jackson, Chair
G. Beavis
H. Brown
E. Crawford
L. French
A. Goodfellow
S. Ruttan
Present Staff:
D. Fowler, Manager of Facility Services
A. McDonnell, Supervising Principal
R. Richard, Superintendent of Business Services
W. Toms, Manager, ITS and Planning Officer
D. Kirkpatrick, Recording Secretary     
        Chair Jackson called the meeting to order, welcoming those present to the meeting.  He reported that regrets were received from Trustee Chadwick.
Approval of Agenda

        MOVED BY Trustee Brown, that the agenda, as distributed, be approved.–Carried

Status of New School Construction in Kingston and Greater Napanee

        Manager Fowler shared a slide show of the construction to date for École Sir John A. Macdonald Public School in Kingston East and for Southview Public School in Greater Napanee.

        Superintendent Richard reported that the Southview Public School project is on target for completion at this time.  He reported that, with regard to the École Sir John A. Macdonald Public School project, the contractor is continuing to work very hard to have the project completed for early September, however, staff believe it would be prudent to have a contingency plan in place in case the school is not ready on time.

        Superintendent Richard stated that if the new school is not ready for school startup, all of the classrooms will be organized as if we were on time, with students going to their old schools until construction was completed.  He said that special transportation would be put in place if there was a delay.  He advised that we hope to hear before school ends in June, more details about whether construction will be completed by school startup.

Sydenham High School Addition

        In response to a question, Manager Fowler reported that the tender for the construction of the addition at Sydenham High School will be going out in a couple of weeks.  He said that once construction begins, we will be looking at a six-month period for the addition to be completed.

Annual Accessibility Plan

        Supervising Principal McDonnell provided a brief overview of the Annual Accessibility Plan, September 2012-August 2013.  She said that the Plan is a collaboration between Educational Services and Facility Services staff, as well as the Accessibility Committee.  She said that no significant changes have been made to the Plan, other than the update to projects.

        Supervising Principal McDonnell reported that there were two new community members who joined the Accessibility Committee, one from CNIB and the other from the Canadian Hearing Society, noting that their input has influenced some of the projects.

        Ms. McDonnell stated that Appendix A includes the Barrier-Free Projects as of May 2012.  The Plan has been updated to include in the list, the projects that have been currently completed at each school.  Ms. McDonnell advised that the Accessibility Committee was pleased to be involved in the input for the new schools.

        Ms. McDonnell stated that Section J includes in-service and communication information, noting that the Accessibility Plan is more than physical and architectural items; it also addresses other barriers students may require removed in order to have access to curriculum.

        Ms. McDonnell stated that Appendix K includes the administrative procedures the Board has in place that address Accessibility Standards for Customer Service, Monitoring and Feedback on Accessible Customer Service, Notification of Disruption of Service, Use of Assistive Devices by the General Public, Use of Service Animals by General Public, Use of Support Person by the General Public.  

        Ms. McDonnell stated that Employee Workplace Emergency Response Plan is the most recent addition to accessibility standards, noting that employers need to have individual emergency response information available if requested by staff, as well as an individualized emergency response plan if requested by the staff member.

        Ms. McDonnell stated that we are working with the Accessibility Committee in anticipation of other standards that we need to be compliant with in January 2013.  She said that this information will be included in future Accessibility Plans.

        Chair Jackson thanked Supervising Principal McDonnell for providing the above-noted information.

        MOVED BY Trustee Goodfellow, the Property/Operations Committee recommends to the Board, that the Annual Accessibility Plan, September 2012-August 2013, be approved.–Carried

        Ms. McDonnell withdrew from the meeting.        

Amherst Island Wind Farm

        Manager Toms reviewed an administrative report regarding the Amherst Island Wind Farm.  He said that Amherst Island residents have expressed concern about the Wind Farms and their proximity to Amherst Island Public School.

        Manager Toms stated the Board has received various reports from Stantec Consulting Ltd. that relate to the creation of a Wind Turbine Farm on Amherst Island.  He advised that the Planning Department staff have responded in all cases that they have no objection to the applications being filed.  

        Manager Toms indicated that recently, Planning staff received e-mails, through the school principal, from concerned residents and parents regarding potential health concerns related to wind turbines on Amherst Island, specifically wind turbines located in close proximity to Amherst Island Public School.  He reported that these concerns were forwarded to the project team at Algonquin Power Co. in early May.

        Manager Toms stated that Planning staff have consulted with local authorities on Wind Turbines, as well as the American Wind Energy Association web site and the Ontario Ministry of the Environment.  In all cases, it was believed that the setbacks defined by the Green Energy Act of Ontario should alleviate any concerns.  Information from the Ministry of Environment (Ontario) and their document on “Development of Noise Setbacks for Wind Farms” was included for reference purposes.

        Manager Toms stated that based on the results, the minimum setback distances required between a receptor location (centre of dwelling) and the base of the closest wind turbine range from 550m up to 1500m.  This depends on the number of units within a radius from the receptor of up to 3 km and on the specified Sound Power Level of the wind turbine.

        Manager Toms reported that the concerns being raised by staff and parents at the school are that much of the school yard and some of the school lie within the 550m setback.  The concerns expressed also cite research from a group called the Society for Wind Vigilance.  This group has provided documents that state the setbacks should be increased to a minimum of 2km.

        Manager Toms stated that another document reviewed by Planning staff was a report by the Chatham-Kent Public Health Unit in June 2008 (The Health Impact of Wind Turbines: A Review of the Current White, Grey, and Published Literature).  This document refers to the Wind Vigilance data as case studies as opposed to opposed to peer-reviewed research.  The conclusion of the report is a quote from Dr. David Colby, Chatham-Kent’s Acting Medical Officer of Health:

        “In summary, as long as the Ministry of Environment Guidelines for location criteria of wind farms are followed, it is my opinion that there will be negligible adverse health impacts on Chatham-Kent citizens.  Although opposition to wind farms on aesthetic grounds is a legitimate point of view, opposition to wind farms on the basis of potential adverse health consequences is not justified by the evidence.”

        MOVED BY Trustee Ruttan, the Property/Operations Committee recommends to the Board, that the Manager of ITS and Planning be directed to draft a letter and forward the concerns from residents and staff to Windlectric Inc., the company performing the Renewable Energy Approval and suggest that setbacks from the school property be adjusted to 550 metres from the lot line, as opposed to 550 m from the centre of the building.–Carried

Planning Report – Facility Sharing

        Manager Toms reviewed an administrative report regarding School Space Utilization – Facility Sharing Procedure.  He said that as in accordance with AP 551 (Facility Partnerships), the following criteria is used to determine the feasibility of offering a school or school space for Facility Sharing:

a)      Projected 200 or more excess pupil places for at least five years from the start of the partnership;
b)      60% or less school utilization (based on Ministry OTG capacity) for at least five years from the start of the partnership;
c)      Ability to identify and create a distinct and contiguous space within the facility, separate from the students;
d)      Facility is not located within an area identified for Program and Accommodation Review, subject to Board Policy 15 (School Accommodation), within five years from the time the space is identified as available;
e)      Space is not required for Board programming or other uses;
f)      Appropriate access to the space;
g)      Parking availability;
h)      Site use restrictions;
i)      Zoning restrictions;
j)      Other criteria as appropriate.

        Manager Toms reported that the following school were considered for Facility Sharing: Amherst Island PS, Clarendon Central PS, Collins Bay PS, Frontenac PS, Hinchinbrooke PS, Joyceville PS, LaSalle SS, LCVI, Marysville PS, Napanee District SS, Newburgh PS, North Addington Education Centre, QECVI, Sharbot Lake HS, Sharbot Lake Intermediate School.  He advised that many of the above-noted schools are exempt due to the school size, school to be closed or school currently involved in a Program and Accommodation Review, and therefore, Collins Bay PS, Joyceville PS, Newburgh PS, LaSalle SS, Napanee District SS and North Addington Education Centre were initially considered for Facility Sharing.

        Manager Toms stated that in the case of the elementary schools that were considered for sharing, Collins Bay PS already had tenants sharing and that the facility would have challenges to support additional parking requirement.

        Manager Toms advised that Newburgh PS has just fallen below 60% capacity this year for the first time.  He said that it would be prudent to monitor enrolment and projections for at least one more year, before considering this site for potential sharing.  He reported that during a site visit to Newburgh PS, it was noted that all but one of the existing classrooms is in use.

        Manager Toms stated that Joyceville PS is at less than 60% capacity, and has 117 surplus student spaces, which is equivalent to approximately five surplus classrooms (loaded at Ministry rating of 23 students).  Surplus classrooms are currently being used for a teacher work room, lunch room, before/after school program, computer lab, staff room, resource centre and custodial storage.  At least two of the classrooms could be contiguous and are located near an exit.  There appears to be ample parking on site for facility sharing.  Enrolment projections for Joyceville PS continue to decline.

        Manager Toms indicated that LaSalle SS and Napanee District SS both have more than 200 surplus spaces.  However, due to the surplus space becoming available over time, it is no necessarily empty classrooms during a full school day.  In meetings with both Principals, it was pointed out that many of the rooms within the building are used for only three period per day but there are no rooms that are vacant during all periods.

        Manager Toms advised that like the other schools, North Addington’s excess space has developed over time.  With this in mind, there are currently no classrooms at NAEC that are vacant for the full-school day.  Many are used for only one and two periods, but in many cases this is because they are specialty classrooms.

        MOVED BY Trustee Ruttan, the Property/Operations Committee recommends to the Board, that:

1.      Two classrooms in Joyceville Public School be considered for potential Facility Sharing;

2.       As per Administrative Procedure 551 (Facility Partnerships), the Superintendent of Business notify the following entities via e-mail of this availability: Co-terminus school boards; local municipalities within the Board’s jurisdiction; local colleges and universities; provincial government; federal government; existing child care operators; and other entities that have requested same; and

3.      As per Administrative Procedure 551 (Facility Partnerships), a public meeting be held in September 2012 to discuss potential sharing opportunities with the community.
Request for Tender – Construction of Centennial Public School FDK Addition

        Manager Fowler advised that the Board had approved a two-room addition to Centennial Public School to accommodate the school’s full day kindergarten program.  He said that request for tenders were issued to the six general contractors, who are currently on the Board’s prequalified list of general contractors for projects having an estimated cost of construction of less than $1 million before HST.

        Manager Fowler advised that the tender received from David J. Cupido Construction Ltd., in the amount of $716,000 for the construction of an addition at Centennial Public School was approved, as in accordance with Administrative Procedure 515 (Purchasing Procedures); it being the lowest compliant tender received, meeting the required conditions of the tender.
Department Updates

Information Technology Services

        Manager Toms provided an ITS update, as follows:

Eastern Ontario Tech Conference

        The Eastern Ontario Tech Conference took place May 3-4, 2012, and it was very successful.

New Schools

        ITS staff have been working closely with the Principals of the two new schools being constructed, planning for technology and telephones.  The technology in the schools will all be mobile technology.  There will be netbooks, and each of the classrooms will have work stations with LCD projectors.  We will continue to meet with the Principals of those schools over the next little while to plan what will be moving from the old schools.  Attended public meetings in early May as the Planning Officer, and those meetings went well.

        Chair Jackson thanked Manager Toms for providing the above-noted information.

Tri-Board Student Transportation Services

        Superintendent Richard reported that Tri-Board Student Transportation Services staff are working hard to set up transportation for the two new schools.  He said that they are also working on a Plan B in case École Sir John A. Macdonald Public School or Southview Public School do not open in time for school startup.

        Superintendent Richard reported that Manager Wowk and his staff are working on a Request for Proposal for Transportation, noting that they are hoping that it will be completed for September in anticipation of 2013.

        In response to comments, Superintendent Richard stated that we could have a special Property/Operations Committee meeting to review the RFP for Transportation, in terms of what it would look like, if Trustees wish.

Facility Services

        Manager Fowler reported that the design for the new school in Sharbot Lake has been completed, and the tender for construction of the school will be going to tender next week.  He stated that general contractors, mechanical contractors, and electrical contractors have now been prequalified to bid on this project.

        Manager Fowler reported that the tender for the Full Day Kindergarten project at Centennial Public School has been awarded, and tender openings for the FDK projects will be as follows:

Harrowsmith Public School – May 31, 2012
Bayridge Public School – June 4, 2012
Cataraqui Woods Elementary School – June 7, 2012

        Manager Fowler advised that 12 schools that participated in the ecoSchools program were awarded certificates, as follows:

Bayridge Secondary School – Gold
Centennial Public School – Gold
Bayridge Public School – Gold
Lancaster Drive Public School – Silver
Prince Charles Public School (Verona) – Silver
Polson Park Public School – Silver
Winston Churchill Public School – Silver
J.G. Simcoe Public School – Silver
Lord Strathcona Public School – Silver
Napanee District Secondary School – Silver
Tamworth Elementary School – Bronze
North Addington Education Centre – Bronze

        Manager Fowler reported that Facility Services has been working with Colbourne and Kembal Architects, regarding renovations to the reception area at the Education Centre, to make the area more secure and accessible.
        Chair Jackson thanked Manager Fowler for providing the above-noted information.

Recess to Private Session

        MOVED BY Trustee Goodfellow, that the Property/Operations Committee recess to Private Session.–Carried

Recess to Public Session
        MOVED BY Trustee Crawford, that the Property/Operations Committee recess to Public Session.–Carried

Next Meeting Date

        The next meeting of the Property/Operations Committee is scheduled for Wednesday, September 26, 2012, at 5:30 p.m.  The location is to be determined.

        MOVED BY Trustee Goodfellow, that the meeting adjourn at 7:15 p.m.–Carried


Property Matter

        Superintendent Richard provided an update regarding a property matter.

Recess to Public Session
        MOVED BY Trustee Crawford, that the Property/Operations Committee recess to Public Session.–Carried