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March 30, 2011 - Property Operations Minutes
Property/Operations Committee
March 30, 2011

A meeting of the Property/Operations Committee was held in the Board Room at the Limestone Education Centre, 220 Portsmouth Avenue, Kingston, ON, on Wednesday, March 30, 2011, following the Special Board (Business) Meeting, at 7:05 p.m.
Present Trustees:
A. Goodfellow, Chair
G. Beavis
H. Brown
H. Chadwick
E. Crawford
L. French
D. Jackson
S. Ruttan
Present Staff:
G. Carson, Manager of Facility Services
P. Dawson, Construction Maintenance Supervisor
B. Hunter, Director of Education
D. Kirkpatrick, Recording Secretary
P. Lynch, Manager of Financial Services
R. Richard, Superintendent of Business Services
W. Toms, Manager, Information Technology Services
S. Wowk, Manager, Tri-Board Student Transportation Services     
Present Other:
D. Fowler, Manager of Facility Services
D. Jenkins, Health & Safety Coordinator
P. Lynch, Manager of Financial Services
A. Labrie, Superintendent of Education
L. Preston, Manager of Continuing Education
R. Richard, Superintendent of Business Services
W. Toms, Manager, ITS and Planning Officer
S. Wowk, CEO, Tri-Board Student Transportation Services
Wynando Moore, Executive Assistant to the Director
        Chair Goodfellow called the meeting to order, welcoming those present to the meeting.  The Chair indicated that following Other Business, the Committee would move into Private Session.

Approval of Agenda

        MOVED BY Trustee Jackson, that the agenda, as distributed, be approved.–Carried

Limestone DSB W.S.I.B. Program

        Del Jenkins, Health & Safety Coordinator, provided an overview of the Limestone District School Board W.S.I.B. Program.

        Following the presentation, Trustee Jackson requested that the presentation be uploaded to the Trustee Area on First Class.  

New Leasing Arrangement – Taylor Plaza in the Village of Sydenham

        Superintendent Labrie advised that Limestone Community Education has successfully operated and delivered employment services for approximately the last ten years at the Frontenac Employment Resource Centre (FERC), located in a leased site (Unit #2) in the Village of Sydenham.  He reported that the current site is at capacity and more space is required in order to deliver programs and services effectively to the communities we serve throughout South and Central Frontenac municipalities.

        Superintendent Labrie reported that Limestone Community Education (LEC) must achieve and meet Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (MTCU) contractual outcomes in order to continue to receive funding on behalf of the Board.  The current space at FERC is inadequate and puts us at risk of not being able to achieve MTCU outcomes, because of space restrictions.  This includes not having private office space for meeting with clients in a confidential area.  This year we are projected to have 2,400 clients/students benefit from FERC employment services.

        Superintendent Labrie indicated that as of April 1, 2011, MTCU has reformed Limestone District School Board’s delivery model for employment services, to include itinerant services delivered by St. Lawrence College (SLC).  He said that we have piloted this partnership over the past seven months, and have concluded that a co-location of both the Board and SLC is by far the best solution to guaranteeing an effective, productive employment delivery model.

        Superintendent Labrie stated that the City of Kingston (Ontario Works) has committed to paying for the use of office space in new unit #3.  They would use this office once a week.  He reported that as of April 1, 2011, the Arts and Sciences Department of the College will be entering into an agreement with Community Education for delivering ACE on-line learning at the FERC location. The College’s subcontract is based on LCE implementing and conducting services in this rural community.  The precise total agreement costs are still being negotiated Additional space is required for this project to take place.  Without adequate operating space for this important program, the Board is at high risk of not having this agreement materialize.

        Superintendent Labrie advised that the College’s Employment Services Department has agreed to contribute funding for having access to an office in the new unit addition to FERC.  The college would access the office for 1-2 days per week.

        Superintendent Labrie reported that LCE’s strategic business plan includes having the College’s Arts and Science Department’s special project agreement in place for April 2011.  He said that this is a highly valued contract, for both LCE’s overall budget sustainability and the Board’s profile with the MTCU.  MTCU recognizes our Board as a leader in the province, working collegially with the College.  The implication of not being able to enter into this agreement, due to space and our own resource restrictions, would create a major negative impact for the LDSB.

        Superintendent Labrie stated that it is strategic to build a co-location with the College.  The alternative of having them rent another space could realistically reduce our client numbers, which will negatively impact the Board’s capacity to achieve MTCU contractual outcomes.

        Superintendent Labrie stated that all safeguards to protect the Board have been put in place for this lease agreement.  An escape clause, allowing the Board to terminate the lease every year, over the three-year life of this agreement was negotiated with the owner.  Also, the landlord has included in the contract all renovations required to make this unit a professional operational site.  The renovated interior design ensures our capacity to operate very effectively in a competitive marketplace.  The estimated total renovation costs are $21,000.  The landlord will assume approximately $14,500 of these costs and LCE will pay for the remaining one-time cost of $6,500, which will be funded from the existing LCE budget account for rent and accommodation.

        Superintendent Labrie stated that solving our space issues and concerns allows us to build and improve our staff services for students and clients in our local rural communities.  Students who have left our system, whom we want to re-engage, will be supported by our staff, who are experienced in delivering PLAR preparation academic upgrading.  This service complements and supports Sydenham High School Student Centre.  The reality is that more adults in the rural areas will enroll in secondary credits, therefore, increasing the number of adult students, building student success pathways and potentially increasing the Ministry of Education funding for the Board.

        Superintendent Labrie reported that effective April 2011, clients coming to FERC will be receiving a number of increased services, which includes interviewing and conducting individual client assessments.  Our present site is totally inadequate and we do not have any private office space to do this.  The required office space has been factored into the design renovations.

        MOVED BY Trustee Jackson, the Property/Operations Committee recommends to the Board, that the Board give approval for Limestone Community Education to enter into a three-year lease agreement for Unit #3 at the Taylor Plaza location in the Village of Sydenham, effective April~1, 2011.–Carried

        Trustee Jackson stated that while he endorses the motion, he asked that in the future when rental properties are considered for renewal, staff examine the buy/lease options on these properties.  Superintendent Richard stated that each case would be analyzed on its own merits and if the potential lease appears to be for an extended period, say 15 to 20 years, the option to purchase would certainly be considered by staff.

Update Re: New School Projects

        Superintendent Richard stated it was timely to update Trustees with regard to the new school projects.  In terms of the 3 projects on the go, he is pleased to announce that the Town of Greater Napanee has approved the re-zoning of the property for the Greater Napanee site and as soon as we receive official notice, work with the Board solicitor will commence to finalize the purchase of that property.  The caveats have now been satisfied and this is exciting news.  This will now allow us to move forward to the tender phase.   It is anticipated that the tender documents for the Kingston East and Greater Napanee projects will move forward in the near future.  We are waiting for a positive response from the Ministry to move forward, in the next week or so.  Architects are getting their documents ready, so there is a lot going on at the same time and everything is coming together nicely.  

        Superintendent Richard advised that Sharbot Lake School Design Committee will be taking a road trip to see a couple of the schools designed by the architect +VG, so things are moving quickly with the design phase for Sharbot Lake.
        Trustee French stated that in addition, work with the Transition Committees in the Greater Napanee area is underway.

        The Committee received the above-noted information.

Department Updates

ITS Department

        Manager Toms indicated that the new Library software was installed during March Break and all library staff were trained on Monday, March 21st.  School libraries are now using the new software to circulate books to students.  This upgrade provides access to all school library catalogues anywhere that staff and students can access the internet.  He indicated that schools are happy with what they are seeing and students have access to their library system from home.

        Manager Toms stated that the staff and student consultations are complete with respect to the Strategic Plan and we are meeting next with the Program Team and Educational Services to review feedback to date, and seek input from these staff members.  Superintendent Labrie will bring a presentation forward at the May Education/HR Committee meeting to outline where we are with regard to the strategic plan.  

        In conclusion, Manager Toms stated that similar to last year, the IT Managers of school boards in Eastern Ontario are planning a mini-conference for school-based tech staff at the Ambassador Hotel in late April.   Last year LDSB had 100 staff attend, and it is expected that number should be similar this year.  The costs are supported by the MISA East PNC.  

        Chair Goodfellow thanked Manager Toms for providing the above-noted ITS update.

Tri-Board Student Transportation Services

        CEO Steve Wowk stated that Tri-Board Student Transportation Services is quite busy at this time of year.  He noted that we now have a three-year contract in place and that we have to negotiate the rate each year.  As they move through to 2013, bus operators and independent operators will have to go through the RFP process, and staff is working toward that process.

        Mr. Wowk indicated that Tri-Board is currently looking at route reductions as part of an extensive route optimization exercise.  He indicated that they are finalizing the Bath Public School routes for 2011, and now the new routes for Amherstview Public School and J. R. Henderson Public School.  CEO Wowk advised that they are re-organizing the bus routes to meet the needs of Madeleine-de-Roybon and Mille-Iles students transferring to the new Duncan McArthur site.  Tri-Board is working with the French Board, as this could have an affect on LDSB and ALCDSB related to current sharing arrangements.  The new routes would all be single routes and not shared; therefore, there could be increased costs to Limestone and Algonquin & Lakeshore.

        Chair Goodfellow thanked Mr. Wowk for providing the above-noted information.

Facility Services

        Manager Fowler advised that the addition to Sydenham High School received final site plan approval with the Township and should be ready to tender in early April.  The design is complete and staff are tweaking the final tender document.   Bath Public School will have a slight modification to the roof structure and that should be going out in early April as well.  

        Manager Fowler reported that Earth Hour was last Saturday, however, some schools participated during the school lunch hour last Friday by turning off lights.  One such school, Odessa Public School, measured energy reduction of 66% shown by a graph that is available on the website.  That school measured more than 24 kilowatts of savings, which is what an average house uses in a day.   April 22 is Earth Day and LDSB will be participating on Friday, April 21st.  LDSB will launch the Energy Monitoring System just prior to Earth Day, producing a display in the front foyer and also showcasing the Energy projects on the screen.  

        Chair Goodfellow thanked Manager Fowler for providing the above-noted information.      
Private Session

        MOVED BY Trustee Crawford, that the Property/Operations Committee recess to Private Session.–Carried

Public Session

        MOVED BY Trustee Brown, that the Property/Operations Committee recess to Public Session.–Carried

Next Meeting Date

        The next meeting of the Property/Operations Committee is scheduled for Wednesday, April 27, 2011, at 5:30 p.m., at the Training Centre, at the Second Chance site, if arrangements can be made in time.


        MOVED BY Trustee Crawford, that the meeting adjourn at 8:00 p.m.–Carried


Request for Tender – Custom Rooftop Multi-Zone Units for Bath Public School and Perth Road Public School

        MOVED BY Trustee Chadwick, the Property/Operations Committee recommends to the Board,  that the request for tenders for custom rooftop multi-zone units for both the Bath Public School and Perth Road Public School projects be cancelled, in accordance with Board Procedure No. 515.– Carried.

        MOVED BY Trustee Jackson, the Property/Operations Committee recommends to the Board, that a sole source contract be established with Total HVAC for the supply and delivery of custom rooftop multi-zone units for both the Bath Public School and Perth Road Public School projects, as per the bids received, in accordance with Board Procedure No. 515.– Carried

Public Session

        MOVED BY Trustee Brown, that the Property/Operations Committee recess to Public Session.–Carried