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January 27, 2009 - Property Operations Minutes
Property/Operations Committee
January 27, 2009

A meeting of the Property/Operations Committee was held at the Rideau Heights Public School, 77 MacCauley Street, Kingston, on Tuesday, January 27, 2009, at 5:30 p.m.
Present Trustees:
L. French, Chair
H. Brown
H. Chadwick                     
E. Crawford
D. Jackson
B. McLaren
P. Murray
Present Staff:
G. Carson, Manager, Facility Services
D. Kirkpatrick, Recording Secretary
R. Richard, Superintendent of Business Services
W. Toms, Manager, ITS and Planning
S. Wowk, Manager of Tri-Board Student Transportation Services
Chair French called the meeting to order, welcoming those present to the meeting.  She reported that regrets were received from Trustee Goodfellow.  She thanked Principal Alison McDonnell for hosting the meeting at Rideau Heights Public School, and for conducting a tour of the school.

Principal McDonnell withdrew from the meeting.

Approval of Agenda
MOVED BY Trustee McLaren, that the agenda, as distributed, be approved.–Carried

Kingston Community Track and Field and Athletic Centre

Wess Garrod was present.  He said that he appreciated the Board’s support regarding the Kingston Community Track and Field and Athletic Centre’s proposed location at LaSalle Secondary School.  He said that since that meeting, the person he was working with at the City of Kingston has resigned, and Lanie Hurdle has replaced him.

Mr. Garrod stated that the City has brought forward a new proposal, which locates the proposed Kingston Community Track and Field at the Invista Centre.  He said that the Kingston Community Track and Field and Athletic Centre Committee continued to investigate the location of the track and field and athletic centre at LaSalle Secondary School.  He said that the cost for the track and field and athletic centre at LaSalle was estimated at $3.2 million; however, the committee did not realize that in order for the PUC to bring a sewer line into the site, the cost would be an additional $400,000.  He said that the Board would have to have a lease agreement if the track and field and athletic centre were at LaSalle Secondary School because the Board owns the property.  He reported that an archaeological dig and drainage pond would be required at LSS.
Mr. Garrod advised of the following advantages if the Kingston Community Track and Field and Athletic Centre were moved to the Invista Centre:

•       parking facilities
•       meeting rooms
•       change rooms
•       the Invista Centre is staffed 363 days each year, from 6 a.m. until 1 a.m.
•       the Invista Centre is located on City property
•       the location is much closer for the Board’s northern and western schools
•       utilities and a drainage pond are already located at the site
•       because it is on City property, the City will be able to look after the construction
•       there’s better security

Mr. Garrod reported that the location is better for the City.  He advised that the City is moving forward, and that representatives from the City will meet with representatives from the PUC.  He said that Lanie Hurdle is taking the lead in this project.  He said that he hopes that the proposal will be brought to City Council by the end of February 2009.  He said that they are targeting 2010 for the track and field to be ready.

Mr. Garrod stated that he has provided the Principal at LaSalle Secondary School with an update with regard to the proposal, and he is trying to get in touch with the Pittsburgh Community Benefit Fund to get permission to change the previous application so that LaSalle Secondary School will still get funding to help with some of the things needed at the school.

Mr. Garrod stated that some of the concerns the Board had with using the LaSalle Secondary School site will now be eliminated, and he believes that the Invista site is the right site for the City to participate.

Mr. Carson stated that the City of Kingston already has money committed to the Invista Centre site; the City will not have to ask that new money be found as they are looking at the money that has already been designated for the Invista Centre site.  He said that the proposal is an opportunity for the City to develop the rest of the site.

Mr. Garrod stated that he hopes the $600,000 that the Board has already committed to the project will remain there.  He said that the Algonquin and Lakeshore Catholic District School Board and Queen’s University are still partners in this venture, and the City has committed $1 million.  He said that he is working on a partnership agreement with them.  He said that he believes the project will cost more than $3.2 million.

Mr. Garrod stated that the City would host the soccer, rugby and football tournaments, and that the Board would get the gate fees collected.  He said that money received from the Kingston Area Secondary School Athletic Association would cover the costs.  Mr. Garrod stated that the Board would have to pay an hourly rate ($100/hour) for the use of the track and field. He said that the Board now pays Queen’s University $1,000 for the use of Richardson Stadium, and he believes that the hourly rate of $100 would be cheaper.

Mr. Garrod advised that the Board would get the gate fees which should be more than enough to pay the rental fee for the use of the track and field.  He said that staff and security would be provided by the City of Kingston.

In response to a question, Mr. Garrod stated that the City of Kingston is reworking the business plan for this venture.  He said that they are meeting Thursday with all soccer groups to ensure that they will commit to using the field.  He said that the main purpose of the venture is for a track, and the field makes the business plan viable.

In response to a question, Superintendent Richard stated that this proposal takes a huge liability off the Board, and it is clear that potential for additional revenue is much better which reduces the Board’s financial risks.

In response to a question, Superintendent Richard stated that the City’s business plan will be brought to the Property/Operations Committee prior to final approval.  He indicated that Mr. Garrod is asking for a motion to approve in principle the new location of the track and field at the Invista Centre so that Mr. Garrod can move forward with the planning for the project.

MOVED BY Trustee Jackson, the Property/Operations Committee recommends to the Board, that the Board approve, in principle, the location of the track and field at the Invista Centre.–Carried

Chair French thanked Mr. Garrod for his continuing efforts with regard to this venture.

Mr. Garrod withdrew from the meeting.

Building Construction Internship Program – Barr Homes (2024162 Ontario Ltd.)

Committee members reviewed an administrative report regarding a request from the QECVI and Barr Homes to participate in a Building Construction Internship Program (BCIP) at QECVI.

MOVED BY Trustee Brown, the Property/Operations Committee recommends to the Board, that the Board enter into an agreement with Barr Homes for the construction of two single family residences on Lot 1 (Left and Right), Briceland Street, Briceland Subdivision, City of Kingston, to be completed by June 25, 2009 by the QECVI Building Construction Internship Program.–Carried

Amended 2008-2009 Capital Renewal Program

Superintendent Richard advised that each year, the Board receives a grant from the Ministry of Education for school renewal, which is to be used for the renewal and upgrades to the Board’s building facilities.  He said that as part of the 2008-2009 budget process, the Ministry of Education allocated the LDSB a total grant for capital renewal (including top-up allocations) of $3,722,000.  The grant allocation for the past several years has been approximately $3.8 million.  Superintendent Richard reported that the Board, at its regular meeting in October 2008, approved a list of capital projects for 2008-2009.

Superintendent Richard stated that the Ministry of Education has since informed boards that it has reduced the 2008-2009 school renewal funding allocations for the 2008-2009 budget year. Limestone District School Board’s capital renewal allocation has been reduced by $746,358.  Superintendent Richard advised a revised capital projects list was developed, and it takes into account the Board’s new funding allocation.  The revised capital projects list will allow the Board to balance its 2008-2009 capital renewal budget, while minimizing any adverse impact on the system.
MOVED BY Trustee Jackson, the Property/Operations Committee recommends to the Board, that the Board approve the amended 2008-2009 Capital Renewal Projects list.–Carried

Department Updates

ITS Department

Manager Toms provided an update, as follows:

Potential Tower at Perth Road PS

Frontenac County Community Futures Development Corporation (FCCFDC) approached the Board to construct a wireless tower on the Perth Road PS site.  Executive Committee has reviewed this and has asked that ITS consult with the community through the School Council.  ITS will attend the next School Council meeting on February 2, 2009, along with representatives from FCCFDC and Utilities Kingston to discuss the proposal.  If the community is in support, ITS will proceed with negotiations for locating the tower at the school.

Community Partnerships
As the Planning Officer of the Board, ITS has attended various meetings over the past few months to continue the Board’s involvement in community partnerships.

In early October, ITS represented the Board at a meeting of various public sector partners within the Greater Kingston area that were looking at a shared service offering that is occurring in Sault Ste. Marie.  The purpose was to investigate the potential for a similar program in Kingston.  The consultation is ongoing.

In November, ITS attended a Focus Group that is working to develop a Kingston Community Profile.  ITS will stay connected to this initiative, as it moves forward.

In December, ITS attended a meeting at the County of Frontenac offices.  The agenda for this meeting was to provide input and feedback to the County’s Community Sustainability Plan.  ITS will stay connected to this project, as it moves forward.

High Speed Network to Northern Schools

Through a partnership with Utilities Kingston, ITS has extended High Speed Internet services to North Addington Education Centre, Land O’Lakes Public School and Clarendon Central Public School.  The towers were erected over the summer, and Utilities Kingston has been mounting the radios and completing electrical work since then.  The new network went live in late November.

The connection of these schools to the high speed network is the final phase of the Board’s wide area network upgrade project.  Now that it is completed, the Board’s high speed network consists of 15 schools with a wireless connection to the Board’s wide area network, while the remaining school sites are connected via high speed fibre optics connections.  The wireless towers replace older telephone line connections.  The Board’s wide area network has been developed and maintained under a contract with Utilities Kingston.

Business Continuity

ITS is working with the Board’s two coterminous boards (Algonquin and Lakeshore Catholic District School Board and Hastings-Prince Edward District School Board), and the Catholic DSB of Eastern Ontario to see if we can jointly develop Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery plans.  It is hoped this will create a situation where with the four boards involved, we can reduce the cost to each members.  The project is currently in the early investigation stage.

Network Cabling RFP

ITS did not receive sufficient responses to the RFP, so they are in the process of revising it for submission again in the near future.

Chair French thanked Manager Toms for his update.

Tri-Board Student Transportation Services
Manager Wowk stated that everything is relatively quiet in Tri-Board Student Transportation Services.  He reported that his provincial group is  working on the E & E Review, noting that the Minister of Education asked them to look at a number of recommendations.

Mr. Wowk provided a number of statistics regarding Tri-Board Student Transportation Services, noting that the total enrolment of students being transported is 51,590, the total kilometres traveled each day is 97,000 and Tri-Board transports students to 163 schools.

Trustee Jackson requested that a summary of the statistics be forwarded to Trustees.  Manager Wowk stated that Tri-Board produced a 4 to 5 page summary, and that they are now doing comparisons to ensure the information is accurate.  He said that once the information is reviewed for accuracy, he will forward it to the Limestone District School Board.

Manager Wowk reported that the Ministry of Education has now pulled back from the RFP Program for Transportation.  He said that they are piloting the RFP Program in four boards, and that the LDSB is not one of them.  He said that he is attending a meeting with the Ministry on January 28, 2009.

Chair French thanked Manager Wowk for his update.

Facility Services

Manager Carson advised that Rideau Heights Public School is not a Prohibitive to Repair school.  He stated that a lot of renovation work has been done at the school, including new windows, a new heating plant and new roof.
Manager Carson reported that the Frontenac Secondary School construction project has been completed, and a few deficiencies are now being rectified.  The further reported that the construction project at Bayridge Secondary School should be completed by mid-term break, but that some of the groundwork will be completed by next summer.

Manager Carson commented on the power outages, noting that he predicts there will be more.

Manager Carson indicated that Facility Services staff are catching up on their office work, now that January has quieted down.

Manager Carson stated that a committee will be working on the enhancement submissions that will be received  from Principals in the near future.

Chair French thanked Superintendent Richard for providing a Facility Services update.

Recess to Private Session

MOVED BY Trustee Jackson, that the Property/Operations Committee recess to Private Session.–Carried

Recess to Public Session

MOVED BY Trustee Chadwick, that the Property/Operations Committee recess to Public Session.–Carried

Next Meeting Date

The next meeting of the Property/Operations Committee is scheduled for Wednesday, February 25, 2009, at 5:30 p.m.  Superintendent Richard indicated that he would check to see if a meeting room was available at the Kingston City Police Department for the February meeting.  Committee members indicated that they would also like to hold a future meeting at Bayridge Secondary School, and a meeting at KCVI in the fall.


MOVED BY Trustee Brown, that the meeting adjourn at 7:40 p.m.–Carried

Labour Update

Manager Wowk provided a labour update regarding transportation.

Update Re: Napanee District Secondary School Retrofit Project

Manager Carson provided an update regarding the retrofit project at Napanee District Secondary School.

Recess to Public Session

MOVED BY Trustee Chadwick, that the Property/Operations Committee recess to Public Session.–Carried