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February 6, 2013 - Environmental Sustainability Advisory Committee
Environmental Sustainability Advisory Committee
February 6, 2013

                A meeting of the Environmental Sustainability Advisory Committee was held in the Board Room at the Limestone Education Centre, 220 Portsmouth Avenue, Kingston, on Wednesday, February 6, 2013, at 6:00 p.m.            
Present Trustees:
P. Murray
D. Jackson
Tom Carpenter, SWITCH
Becky Corby, School Council Liaison Committee
David Hahn, National Farmers Union, Local 316
Stana Luxford-Oddie, Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority
Zabe MacEachren, Faculty of Education, Queen’s University
Ruth Noordegraaf, Kingston Coalition for Active Transportation, KFL&A Public Health
Meg Skinner, KFL&A Public Health
Debbie Villeneuve, School Council Liaison Committee
D. Fowler, Manager of Facility Services
D. Hendry, Sustainable Initiatives Coordinator
J. Hendry, Energy/Environmental Technician
S. Lehman, Supervising Principal
M. Sewell, Program Leader, Skills Training & Technology
D. Kirkpatrick, Recording Secretary
Summar Bourada, Queen’s University Committee: Youth Mentoring Youth
Laura Stemp, Queen’s University Committee: Youth Mentoring Youth

Linda Malcolm, KFL&A Public Health
Tracey McKenzie, County of Lennox & Addington
Kathy Moulton, Hydro One

        The meeting was chaired by Ruth Nordegraaf, who welcomed those present to the meeting.  Those present introduced themselves.

Approval of Agenda

MOVED BY Meg Skinner, seconded by David Hahn, that the agenda, as distributed, be approved.Carried

Approval of the Minutes

MOVED BY Debbie Villeneuve, seconded by Becky Corby, that the minutes of the November 7, 2012 ESAC, as distributed, be approved.Carried

Business Arising From the Minutes

There was no business arising from the minutes.

Queen’s AMS Youth Mentoring Youth Program

        Dan Hendry introduced Summar Sourada and Laura Stemp, Co-Chairs of the Queen’s University Committee: Youth Mentoring Youth.  He indicated that they have been working through the Alma Mater Society (AMS) at Queen’s University as the volunteer co-chairs, who have put together and executed a project for Queen’s University students that involves Queen’s students providing workshops for Limestone DSB students, as well as other students in the Kingston community.

        Ms. Bourada thanked the Committee for inviting Ms. Stemp and herself to the meeting to provide information about the Youth Mentoring Youth program at Queen’s University.  Ms. Bourada and Ms. Stemp provided the following information:

Who we are

  • Second-year Queen’s University students
  •         Currently Youth Mentoring Youth Co-chairs
  •         Were previously committee members for Youth Mentoring Youth
  •         Have worked with children since they were 13 years old
  •         Have a passion for the environment and sustainability
Youth Mentoring Youth

  • An interactive program run on Queen’s campus to educate elementary school children on the environment and sustainability
  •         Information provided by Queen’s students on how to be more sustainable at home
  •         Topics such as: Waste, Food, Water, Transportation and Endangered Species
Last year

  • Ran workshops in the Queen’s Solar Design House
  •         Played educational games
  •         Recycling relay race
  •         Spin the wheel
  • Enjoyed interactive activities
  • Seed planting
  •         Scavenger hunt
  • Main goal is to expand the program
  •         To obtain classes who have an interest in our environmental workshops
  •         To educate the youth of today on the changes Earth faces
  •         To united the Queen’s and Kingston communities

  • Would like to run the workshops during the week of March 4th-8th, during school hours on the Queen’s University campus, although open to any dates that classes would be available
Why we need you

  • Need to obtain contact information of elementary schools and/or teachers that you think would be interested in the workshops (e-mail address:
  •         Allow us to continue the creation of unity in the Kingston community
        In response to a question from Mr. Lehman, Ms. Stemp indicated that the program is geared from elementary school students (grades 2-7).  She suggested that perhaps, as an option for secondary school students, they could do volunteer hours with the Youth Mentoring Youth program during the lunch hour.  She said that there is more learning at an younger age, and that younger children could expand their knowledge.  She indicated that if secondary school students would be interested in participating in the program, they would be open to offer the program to secondary school students.

        Mr. Sewell commented that perhaps the LDSB might use the Youth Mentoring Youth program at the St. Lawrence College Young Women’s Innovation Conference, and Artworks Conference at Queen’s University as a format for further youth mentoring opportunities.

        In response to a question from Mr. Lehman around transportation provided to the program, Ms. Stemp stated that last year, most students either walked to Queen’s or rode on a City of Kingston bus.  She said that for those schools that wanted to participate in this program, but were located outside the downtown Kingston area, they would consider going to those schools.  She said that they have a little bit of money in their budget for transportation.

        Ms. Noordegraaf thanked Ms. Bourada and Ms. Stemp for providing the above-noted information.

Queen’s Faculty of Education Update

        Dan Hendry introduced Zabe MacEachren, a professor at the Faculty of Education at Queen’s University, who provided information about Queen’s University environmental education.

        Ms. MacEachren indicated that environmental education occurs at the Faculty of Education, Queen’s University, through two courses, Outdoor Education and Experiential Education Track.  She provided information about the two courses, reviewing information about the EDST 442course, which involved the theory of various approaches related to environmental educational; the FOC1 260 course, which involves more activity-based field experiences (Gould Lake, Ryan Centre, Seed Sanctuary, Little Cataraqui Conservation Area, local places – based site (Kingston history), and Group Organized Classes).  She also provided information about the EDST 417 course which involves Field Camp and Practicum Planning (Class Afloat, Evergreen, Train Trip to Art Museums, Forest Kindergartens, Local site, Alternative (off-grid schools).

        Ms. MacEachren commented on the Elbow Lake property, a joint partnership between the Biology Department at Queen’s and the Nature Conservancy of Canada.  She said that if programs want to run their own programs, they could use this property as a potential site.

        Ms. MacEachren stated that 2017 is the 150th Anniversary of Canada, and that people are beginning to organize what will happen that year.  She said that Queen’s has two large canoes at Gould Lake, as well as access to other canoes, and that they are looking for some type of program in the City of Kingston area they could use to make brigades.

        In response to a question from Mr. Lehman around the number of teacher candidates interested in outdoor education and experiential education, Ms. MacEachren stated that the numbers at every Faculty of Education in Ontario is decreasing.  She said that the people who love learning and love learning outdoors will continue to be committed to this program.  She said that they would like to promote that this program and environmental education becoming part of the core course at Queen’s, if the teacher education program was a longer period of time.

        Ms. Noordegraaf thanked Ms. MacEachren for providing the above-noted information.

Limestone Sustainability Update – Strategic Plan Reference:  Item 3.3.1

        Mr. Dan Hendry and Mr. Joe Hendry provided a Limestone Sustainability update.  Dan Hendry indicated that Limestone has the Grade 9 Bus Pass program, noting that all four district school boards within the City of Kingston are involved in this program.  He indicated that QECVI Creative Arts Focus Program students have designed posters around public transit promotion for the Grade 9 Bus Pass program.

        Dan Hendry also provided information about Earth Hour: Kingston Unplugged.  He said that last year, LDSB had 3participating sites, which collectively saved about 1808 KWh, noting that this could:

Limestone Sustainability Update – Strategic Plan Reference:  Item 3.3.1 (continued)

  • Power 139,077 CFLs (13 watt) light bulbs for one hour;
  •         Save 550 kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions;
  •         Power a laptop computer for 40,178 hours.
        Dan Hendry indicated that each school received a personalized report the Monday following Earth Hour.

        Dan Hendry reported that this year, Limestone’s Earth Hour is Friday, March 22, 2013.

        Dan Hendry provided information about the School Garden Process, as follows:


  • Planning Stage
  •         Building Stage
  •         Maintaining Stage
  •         Garden and Food Health & Safety
  •         To Do Checklist
  •         The Garden as a Teaching Resource
  •         Additional Resources
Mr. Hendry provided information related to Community Grants/Prizes, as follows:

  • Received a grant for soil ($900) from the Community Foundation of Kingston and Area
  •          Car Medics – the local business that collected the most tires in Southern Ontario won a $20,000 greening package for a local school (reclaimed tire products, trees and shrubs
  •         United Way Grant for Kingston Transit Orientation and Promotion ($1,800)
        Mr. Hendry reported that February 7th is National Sweater Day, advising that the Education Centre, Bath Public School, Calvin Park Public School, Marysville Public School and Southview Public School are participating.

        Joe Hendry provided information about Limestone’s Battery Recycling Pilot program, as follows:

  • The Limestone DSB is participating in a Battery Recycling Pilot program.
  •         The Education Centre is participating in the program, along with four schools – KCVI, Bayridge Secondary School, Prince Charles Public School and Enterprise Public School.
        Joe Hendry provided information about the James R. Henderson Public School Exterior Lighting Pilot project.  He said that Facility Services has recently connected all exterior lights at James R. Henderson Public School to the school’s Building Automation System (BAS).  He indicated that the lights will be controlled by a computer program, noting that after the caretaker leaves for the night, the exterior lights will turn off (11:00 p.m. until 5:00 a.m.).  He advised that by doing this, the board hopes to:  reduce vandalism, save energy and reduce light pollution.  He reported that these lights have been integrated into the fire and security alarms.

        Joe Hendry provided information abo the EcoSchools program in Limestone District School Board,  He said that the Limestone DSB has been participating in the EcoSchools program for the past five years, noting that last year we had 12 schools certify.  He said that the Board provides: workshops/training, resource sharing/Quarterly Newsletter, Incentive (“gifts”, release time, assistance).

        Joe Hendry advised that BFI Canada is the waste services provider for the Limestone DSB, and he displayed the updated signs used for recycling programs.

        Joe Hendry reviewed information related to the heating system at The Prince Charles School, as follows:

  • In the summer 2010, the board installed a new heating system at The Prince Charles School.
  •         This new heating system is up to 30% more efficient than the previous system.
  •         This means a reduction in natural gas consumption.
  •         Using a computer software program, we are able to estimate how much natural gas we have saved by implementing this new heating system.  The natural gas avoided equals 49,333m3 or $23,186.
Joe Hendry provided information about Lime TV and Power Meters, as follows:

  • Facility Services has installed LimeTV lobby displays in eight Limestone schools. (Southview Public School and École Sir John A. Macdonald Public School will have LimeTV operational in the near future.)
  •         The board has power meters installed on 17 of the buildings for live monitoring of electrical power consumption.
  •         This information is accessible to students, and is also used to measure the effects of Earth Hour and Lights Out Lunches.
        Joe Hendry reviewed information about the design features at the two new schools, as follows:

  • The two new schools have many environmentally conscious design features, including:
  • Pervasive natural daylighting to reduce electricity consumption
  •         Low flow plumbing fixture
  •         Native plants which require no irrigation
  •         Built-in recycling collection and waste separation areas
        Joe Hendry provided information about Energy Auditing, as follows:

  • A partnership between St. Lawrence College and the Limestone Board was created in 2007-2008;
  •         St. Lawrence College students learn how to perform energy audits on Limestone schools; and
  •         Integration with the Board’s Specialist High Skills Major Program – Energy.
        Ms. Noordegraaf thanked Messrs. Hendry and Hendry for providing the above-noted information.

Limestone Annual Sustainability Report – Strategic Plan Reference:  Item 3.3.2

        Mr. Lehman distributed copies of Limestone’s first Annual Sustainability Report, asking Committee members to review it to see if anything is missing from the document, or if they have any suggestions as to what they may want included in the report, for the future and beyond.

        Committee members reviewed the document.  Mr. Lehman collected the documents with suggestions.

        Ms. Noordegraaf thanked Committee members for their comments.  She said that staff will compile the comments, and learn from them for future years’ reports.  She said that it was good to have the document, as a start.

Brainstorm Future Topics Conversation

        Ms. Noordegraaf stated that a list of future topics will be compiled, and distributed to Committee members for review.

Other Business

        Committee members shared information with regard to some of the events their organizations are working on, as follows:

Meg Skinner – KFL&A Public Health has been organizing parent forums for active transportation.  One was held on December 1, 2012, which provided a good networking opportunity.  She said that the next one will be held on April 9th, at Fairfield Elementary School, from 6:30 p.m. until 8:00 p.m.  She further reported that another forum will be held on April 16th at École Sir John A. Macdonald Public School, from 6:30 p.m. until 8:00 p.m.  More information is to be provided, as details become available.

David Hahn – He is becoming involved with Wintergreen Renewable Energy Cooperative, noting that they are building membership and making progress.

Tom Carpenter – Green Profit Conference is taking place March 18th.  Details can be accessed at

Zabe MacEachren – Queen’s is involved in doing a plan on their grounds.

Stana Luxford-Oddie – Cataraqui Region Conservation Area is encouraging students and families to use their conservation areas.  She asked those present to also encourage people to use their conservation areas.

Trustee Jackson – The Limestone DSB is in the midst of accommodation reviews for Kingston North and Kingston Central.

Dan Hendry – March 19-20 a Bike Summit event is taking place; Earth Hour: Kingston Unplugged event is taking place on March 23rd; Sustainable Kingston is holding its second annual Sustainable Kingston Community Forum on April 20 at the K-ROCK Centre, and there is a commuter challenge event taking place June 2-8.

Next Meeting Date

The next meeting of the Environmental Sustainability Committee is scheduled for Wednesday, May 1, 2013, at the Education Centre, 220 Portsmouth Avenue, Kingston, at  6:00 p.m.


MOVED BY David Hahn, seconded by Tom Carpenter, that the meeting adjourn at8:10 p.m.Carried