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March 19, 2014 - Education/Human Resources Committee Minutes
Education/Human Resources Committee Meeting Minutes
Limestone District School Board
March 19, 2014

       A meeting of the Education/Human Resources Advisory Committee was held in Committee Room A at the Limestone Education Centre, 220 Portsmouth Avenue, Kingston, ON, on Wednesday, March 19, 2014, at 4:30 p.m.
H. Brown, Chair
G. Beavis
H. Chadwick (ex-officio)
A. Goodfellow
D. Jackson
M. McCormac (Student Trustee)
P. Murray
S. Ruttan       
K. Burra, Supervisor of Safe & Caring Schools and Assistant to the Director
B. Fraser-Stiff, Superintendent of Education
S. Lehman, Supervising Principal
N. Marsh, Superintendent of Education
S. McWilliams, Manager, Human Resources
A. Labrie, Superintendent of Human Resources
M. Aitken, Records Management Coordinator

        Chair Brown called the meeting to order, welcoming those present to the meeting.

Approval of Agenda

MOVED BY Trustee Goodfellow to approve the agenda, as distributed. Carried.

Awards Review (Strat. Plan Ref. 3.10) – Supervising Principal Burra

        Supervising Principal redistributed to the committee the list of seven recommendations, as distributed last meeting, and which included standardizing the font and size of citations, e-mailing citations to Trustees with Board Meeting Minutes, and defining the term “outstanding”.

        The committee discussed various suggestions regarding the best venue and times for the upcoming awards ceremonies.

        The committee decided to take the following motion to the Board Meeting of April 9, 2014:

MOTION:  That the main awards ceremony for the Limestone Student Achievers awards in May, begin at 5:30 p.m., followed by half hour reception, followed by regular board meeting at 7:00 p.m.

        MOVED BY Trustee Chadwick. Chair Brown called for a motion. Carried.

        Chair Brown thanked Supervisor Burra for the information shared.

Integrated Accessibility Standards (Strat. Plan Ref. 2.2.3) – Supervising Principal McDonnell

        Supervising Principal McDonnell and Manager Susan McWilliams, Human Resources, presented a report on central requirements of the Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation (IASR) and reported on Limestone’s progress in meeting.

The Regulation’s requirements are:

  • Establish an accessibility policy;
  • Develop an accessibility plan;
  • Incorporate accessibility criteria and features into procurement practices, or when acquiring goods, services, or facilities;
  • Training for employees and volunteers on requirements of Regulation and Human Rights Code.
        Under IASR, all organizations must provide training to all employees and all volunteers. Through internal consultation and discussions with outside groups, four
E-bulletins have been created and posted to the LDSB website. All employees and volunteers will receive e-training by reading these and clicking on and each bulletin to indicate each bulletin has been read thus showing compliance.

        Paper copies of the four e-bulletins were distributed to the committee for their review. The four topics include:

1)  General Requirements;
2)  The Employment Standard;
3)  Information & Communications Information; and
4)  Transportation Standard.

        Manager McWilliams stated that as it is the duty of all Human Resources Departments to accommodate staff, students, and volunteers, under the Ontario Human Rights Code, Limestone already had most of the IASR requirements in place. This law mandates that employers let people know that they can be accommodated at any part of the recruitment process, even in the interview, and all hire letters state accommodations as part of the package. These are further stated in the orientation manual, and all plans are maintained by HR and are confidential. Manager McWilliams stated that as these procedures were already in place before the IASR, LDSB was approximately 90% compliant, and is now 100%.
        Supervising Principal McDonnell informed the committee that they worked with IT, and Communications Officer Karen Smith, around “conforming to web guidelines” and that IT has indicated that the new board website is compliant with 2.0 Level A standards, including the Board and all committee meeting agendas and minutes.

        Supervising Principal McDonnell stated that on the issue of a transportation standard, LDSB has been working with Algonquin Lakeshore and Hastings Prince Edward school boards and Tri-Board. As part of the student needs are to be documented. LDSB always had these processes in place, (i.e. behavior safety plan; medical safety plan) but is now attempting to make them consistent across the board using a consistent Tri-Board Form .

        Chair Brown thanked Supervising Principal McDonnell and Manager McWilliams for their presentation and the information shared.

Creating Pathways to Success (Individual Pathway Plan) (Strat. Plan Ref. 1.1.1) – Supervising Principal Lehman

        Supervising Principal Shawn Lehman gave a presentation on “Creating Pathways to Success”.  He stated that this plan by the Ministry of Education replaced the 1999 Choices into Action. It focuses on the 34-credit threshold, with the vision that by graduation, all students have a clear plan for their initial postsecondary destination and the confidence to implement and revise their plans throughout their lives. Being able to revise and adopt plans and goals is vital, given the changing labour market, where it is estimated that today’s youth will have many jobs in their lifetime.

        Supervising Principal Shawn Lehman informed the committee that research illustrates the following top reasons students do not pursue postsecondary education:

        1)  Uncertainly about career direction;
        2)  Fear of making a choice they will regret in their future;
        3)  Lack of career development programs and services are as significant a barrier to postsecondary education as a lack of financial resources. 46% of students polled said career awareness is the most important support their school could provide them with to achieve success.

        Supervising Principal Shawn Lehman reported on the Individual Pathways Plan (IPP) Grades 7 – 12 which is collaboration between students, staff, and parents and involves short-term and long term goal setting, activities, and expectations. Grades7 – 12 must do a review twice each year and their plan includes résumé building. Four schools currently engaged in the on-line course selection process (Bayridge Secondary School, KCVI, Napanee District Secondary School, and Ernestown Secondary School). Frontenac and Bayridge Secondary School are piloting the components of Creating Pathways into Success into their Careers courses this semester. One of the resources being utilized is a website which has templates for résumés and cover letters.

        Chair Brown thanked Supervising Principal Lehman for his presentation and the information shared.

School Year Calendar (Strat. Plan Ref.3.7 & 3.8) – Supervising Principal Burra

        Supervising Principal Burra distributed the information package regarding the School Year Calendar for 2014 – 2015. The committee reviewed and discussed the information.

        MOVED BY Trustee Beavis that the report of the School Year Calendar for 2014 – 2015 be received.  

        Chair Brown called for a vote on the motion. Carried.

        Chair Brown thanked Supervisor Burra for his presentation and the information shared.

Other Business

        There was no other business at this time.

Future Agenda Items

A list of 2013/2014 tentative topics and meeting dates was distributed prior to the meeting for reference and consideration.

Next Meeting Date

        Wednesday, April 16, 2014 at 4:30 p.m.
        Committee Room A at the Limestone Education Centre
        220 Portsmouth Avenue, Kingston, ON


MOVED by Trustee Beavis that the meeting by adjourned at 5:35 p.m. Carried.