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September 18, 2013 - Education/Human Resources Committee Minutes
Education/Human Resources Committee
September 18, 2013

A meeting of the Education/Human Resources Committee was held in the Barry C. O’Connor Board Room at the Limestone Education Centre, 220 Portsmouth Avenue, Kingston, on Wednesday, September 18, 2013, at 4:30 p.m.          
Present Trustees:
H. Brown, Chair
G. Beavis
H. Chadwick
A. Goodfellow
D. Jackson
S. Ruttan
Present Staff:
T. Giles, Supervising Principal
B. Hunter, Director of Education
A. Labrie, Superintendent of Human Resources
N. Marsh, Superintendent of Education
D. Kirkpatrick, Recording Secretary     
Erica Robinson, Teacher, Frontenac SS

Chair Brown called the meeting to order, welcoming those present to the meeting.  She reported that regrets were received from Trustee Murray.

Approval of Agenda                                                                              

MOVED BY Trustee Jackson, that the agenda, as distributed, be approved.–Carried

Frontenac Secondary School Art in the Community Project (Strategic Plan Reference:  Items 3.8 and 3.10)

        Superintendent Marsh introduced Erica Robinson, Head of the Arts Department at Frontenac Secondary School. She advised that Ms. Robinson has developed a great opportunity for our students, which would involve Frontenac Secondary School students working on a community project.  She said that the Art in the Community Project also involves community partners, especially the City of Kingston.

        Ms. Robinson stated that 100-300 Frontenac Secondary School art and history students will be involved in a community project that teaches students about the art and method of Christo and Jean-Claude’s work and applying that to a community installation.  The project, “A Time Remembered” is a Remembrance Day commemorative project utilizing the work of Kosso Eloul, Christo and Jeanne-Claude in youth artist education.  She said that the students’ work will be based around the meaning and importance of Remembrance Day.

        Ms. Robinson stated that 2014 marks the 100th year since the beginning of World War I.  She said that the installation will be centered on war and remembering all of the lives that were sacrificed and lost in conflicts in the last 100 years.  She said that the project will give students an opportunity to learn in a community environment.

        Ms. Robinson displayed some of Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s work.

        Ms. Robinson stated that Time, a sculpture installed in 1973 by Kosso Eloul in Breakwater Park, which many believe symbolizes the passage of time would be selected to be wrapped following the artistic style of some works created by Christo and Jeanne-Claude.

        Ms. Robinson indicated that they are requesting from the Board and City Council permission and non-monetary support to wrap the Time sculpture with a non-invasive fabric.  She said that the timeline would potentially be, for a minimum, the week of November 11th as part of the Remembrance Day service and 100th Anniversary of WWI, to a maximum, the entire month of November 2014.

        Ms. Robinson stated that the City, school and students will benefit from the collaboration. She said that the project gives the students an opportunity to show how important their role is within the community through their own voice.  The project will showcase the work of the students involved in the process.  She said that the project creates connections among the Board and the City for future endeavours.

        Ms. Robinson explained that the SHSM students will receive training to use scissor lift and fall arrest which works towards their additional requirements for the red seal. She said that the project also provides reach-ahead activities through the supportive facilitation of the project and the placement of the work.  She said that all art students will receive experience in working on a large scale project in a community setting.  All students will be able to see the connections of art outside the classroom setting.  

Ms. Robinson advised that the project gives the history students an opportunity to experience history outside the classroom setting.  She said that students have an opportunity to produce curriculum based material in a non-traditional form.  It makes connections between the veterans, City and the school in a meaningful way.  It helps students create a part of history.

        Ms. Robinson advised of the potential community supporters and sponsors, as follows, noting that others could also be involved in the project:  Fabricland, Kingston Arts Council, Kingston Legion Branch 560, Kingston Sail Loft, Limestone DSB, Limestone Learning Foundation, Prince of Wales Own Regiment, Wallack’s Art Supply, and Women’s Royal Canadian Naval Service.

        Ms. Robinson provided an outline of the project, as follows:

September/October 2013  Approval of project through ARCP
October 2013                    Application to the Limestone Learning Foundation (LLF)
October 2013                    Funding requests to Legion 560, Prince of Wales Own Regiment
December 2013                   Approval of LLF grant, funding requests
February 2014                   Purchase of materials
April 2014                              Lessons on Christo and Jeanne-Claude, as well as Kosso Eloul
May 2014                                Student apply images, poetry, words, paintings on fabric
June 2014                               Material sent to Kingston Sail Loft for sewing
November 2014                   Material placed on sculpture for duration of allotted time
December 2014                   Material cut up and dispersed among students and sponsors

        Ms. Robinson reviewed the projected budget for the project.

        Trustee Jackson commented that one of the Strategic Plan discussions at the Trustee level was about having a process where a number of projects could be documented, and featured in Board materials, social media, etc.  He stated that it would be useful to have a historical documentation of the project and to have the information included in Board materials, and posted on the Board’s website as well.

        Superintendent Marsh stated that Director Hunter talked about the different opportunities for media to get involved.  Director Hunter said that this project would provide the City with an opportunity to showcase Kingston.

        MOVED BY Trustee Goodfellow, the Education/Human Resources Committee recommends to the Board, that the Limestone District School Board endorse the Frontenac Secondary School Art in the Community Project.—Carried

        Chair Brown thanked Ms. Robinson for her informative presentation, and for developing this project.

        Director Hunter and Ms. Robinson withdrew from the meeting.

Professional Learning Plan (Strategic Plan Reference:  Item 1.1)

Superintendent Marsh stated that the embargo date for the EQAO secondary results was moved to September 25th.  She said that the results will not be shared with the Education/Human Resource Committee until its meeting in October.  She said, however, that previous to the October Education/Human Resources Committee meeting, the media release with results would be communicated by e-mail to Trustees.

Superintendent Marsh shared information about what the Board is planning for professional learning for the 2013-2014 school year for teachers.  She distributed a graphic which outlined the Professional Learning in LDSB: Secondary Program Team and the School Effectiveness Network, noting that it maps out the different opportunities that teachers have to access professional learning.  Superintendent Marsh stated that we feel positive about the growth we are experiencing.  She said that we are building on what we are providing, indicating that teachers and administrators from every school have endorsed every professional learning opportunity that we are providing for the 2013-2014 school year.

Superintendent Marsh also distributed information which described each of the learning opportunities being offered.

Chair Brown thanked Superintendent Marsh for bringing the information about the Board’s Professional Learning Plan forward.

Elementary Student Achievement Results (Strategic Plan Reference:  Item 1.1)

        Supervising Principal Giles provided an overview of the 2012-2013 Highlights of the EQAO Primary and Junior assessments.  She provided the following information:

Interesting Facts – Primary

  • Female          48%     
  • Male                    52%
  • Students with Special Education needs
  • Board   25%     Province        17%
Participation rates increased (Special Education percentage the same)
  • Students arriving in their current school the year of or year prior to assessment
  •         Board   34%     Province        24%
        Ms. Giles stated that the percentage of all eligible Grade 3 students who met or exceeded the provincial standard increased across all three areas of assessment:  by four percentage points to 64% in reading (province two percentage points), by three percentage points to 73% in writing (province 1 percentage point), and by one percentage point to 63% in mathematics (province had a decrease by one percentage point).  Ms. Giles stated that we have some work to do, but we made significant gains in the Primary area.

        Ms. Giles reviewed the Grade 3 Score Distribution for the period 2010-2013.  She said that there were significant gains in the Reading area; we have followed similar trends in the Writing area, and we are working on moving the Level 2 students forward.  She said that in the Math area, we see a similar trend.

        Ms. Giles provided the following information:

Interesting Facts – Junior

  • Female          46%
  • Male            54%
  • Students with Special Education needs
  • Board   30%     Province        20%
Participation rate down 1% (Special Education up 3%)
  • Students arriving in their current school the year of or year prior to assessment
  •         Board   31%     Province        32%
Increased Achievement of Students with Special Education Needs

        Ms. Giles reviewed the Grade 6 results, noting that the percentage of all eligible Grade 6 students who achieved the provincial standard decreased by one percentage point to 73% in Reading and 69% in Writing.  She reported that trends over time showed improved achievement, mirroring trends across the province.  She said that achievement in Grade 6 Mathematics followed the provincial trend with a smaller proportion of students reaching the provincial standard compared to 2012.

        Ms. Giles reviewed the Grade 6 Score Distribution for the period 2010-2013.  She said that in Reading, students are answering questions well.  She said that there was a decrease in level 1 to level 2 and it stayed the same in levels 3 and 4.  She said that the trend was the same in Writing.  She said that there were very few students in level 1 and some students need to move from level 2 into levels 3 and 4.

        Ms. Giles reviewed the Math Distribution results.  She said that we had an increase in levels 1 and 2 and decrease in levels 3 and 4.

        Ms. Giles reviewed the Grade 3 to 6 Cohort Provincial results, as well as the Grade 3 Results by Gender.  She said that we are closing the gap a little bit.  She said that female students in Grade 3 achieve at a faster rate than boys.  Ms. Giles reported that Grade 6 students are reducing the gender gaps in all areas.  She said that girls decreased and boys increased a bit in this area.

        Ms. Giles reported that results increased in four of six areas while exemption rate remained fairly stable:

  • Primary – Percentage at or above provincial standard
        Reading         37% (3% increase)
        Writing         54% (2% increase)
        Math                    34% (2% decrease)

  • Junior – Percentage at or above provincial standard
        Reading         48% (7% increase)
        Writing         41% (5% increase)
        Math                    22% (1% decrease)

        Ms. Giles reviewed the next steps, as follows:

  • School Improvement Planning
  • Item information reports
  • Continue to work on literacy
  • Math Strategy
  • Professional Learning in all schools
  • Initiatives – Focus of Math
  • EOSDN – Regional Project
  • Collaborative Inquire for Learning Math (CILM)
  • Math in Action
  • Tutors in the Classroom
  • Capacity Building with Administrators
  • Student Success Teachers
  • Learning Series
        Following discussion, Superintendent Marsh noted that when the Grade 9 results are presented, we will include information about the Grade 3 and Grade 6 cohort.

        Chair Brown thanked Ms. Giles for presenting the above-noted information.

        Superintendent Marsh withdrew from the meeting. 

Future Topics

        The tentative topics for future meetings include:

October 16, 2013                Aboriginal Month
                                        Specialist High Skills Major/Focus Programs

November 20, 2013

January 15, 2014                Safe Schools Update
                                        Dual Credit/OYAP
                                        School Year Calendar

February 19, 2014               School Year Calendar

March 19, 2013                  Integrated Accessibility Standards

April 16, 2014

May 28, 1014                    Climate Surveys

        The following topics are also to be included at future meetings, with the timing to be determined:

Early Years Update (FDK, Extended Day, PFLC)
LDSB Website
Information Technology Plans
Creating Pathways to Success (Individual Pathway Plan)
34 Credit Threshold
Mental Health Initiatives       

        Superintendent Labrie stated that the Board’s website will be going live shortly, and after it has, he would like to receive feedback on the website.

Next Meeting Date

The next meeting of the Education/Human Resources Committee is scheduled for Wednesday, October 16, 2013, at 4:30 p.m


MOVED BY Trustee Jackson, that the meeting adjourn at 5:50 p.m.–Carried