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April 15, 2009 - Education/Human Resources Committee Minutes
Education/Human Resources Committee
April 15, 2009

A meeting of the Education/Human Resources Committee was held in the board Room at the Limestone Education Centre, 220 Portsmouth Avenue, Kingston, on Wednesday, April 15, 2009, at 4:30 p.m.                  
Present Trustees:
G. Beavis, Chair
H. Chadwick
A. Goodfellow, Ex-Officio
D. Jackson
B. McLaren
Present Staff:
B. Fraser-Stiff, Superintendent of Education
D. Kirkpatrick, Recording Secretary
N. Marsh, Superintendent of Education
H. Peterson, Principal, Calvin Park PS
K. Reed, Program Consultant, Aboriginal Education
B. Woodley, Executive Assistant and Supervising Principal
        Chair Beavis called the meeting to order, welcoming those present to the meeting.  He reported that regrets were received from Trustee Brown and Superintendent Labrie.

Approval of Agenda                                                                              

        Trustee Goodfellow advised that she had an item to be added to the agenda in Private Session.

        MOVED BY Trustee McLaren, that the agenda, as amended, be approved.–Carried

Aboriginal Education Update

        Superintendent Marsh thanked the Committee for allowing Mr. Reed, Ms. Peterson and herself to present an update on the Aboriginal Education program.  She said that the last update was provided in the Fall 2008, and since that time there have been changes in the support offered to Aboriginal students.  She said that two individuals were hired with the Aboriginal Education funding provided – Scott Nichol, a counsellor working out of Educational Services, who support students of Aboriginal descent, and Kevin Reed, the program consultant.  She said that Mr. Reed’s position is a K-12 position from February-June 2009; however, we are planning to extend the time frame.

        Superintendent Marsh introduced Ms. Peterson and Mr. Reed, indicating that they are in attendance to report on the work that has been occurring at the Aboriginal Education Steering Committee.  She said that they will summarize some of the Committee’s work specifically related to the Ministry’s mandate and they will talk about some of the exciting projects that are occurring in the district.

        Ms. Peterson thanked the Committee for allowing them to come to present information about some of the things they are working on through the Aboriginal Education Steering Committee through the Limestone District School Board.

        Ms. Peterson said that being involved on the Aboriginal Education Steering Committee is an exciting and steep learning curve for her regarding the things the Board does to serve Aboriginal students.

        Ms. Peterson presented information as follows:


        First Nation, Métis, Inuit students in Ontario will have the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to successfully complete their elementary and secondary education or training and/or enter the workforce.  They will have the traditional and contemporary knowledge, skills, and attitudes required to be socially contributive, politically active, and economic citizens of the world.  All Ontario students will have knowledge and appreciation of contemporary and traditional First Nation, Métis, and Inuit traditions, cultures and perspectives.

        Ms. Peterson said that Aboriginal Education is not another add on, but that it fits into other initiatives.  She said that part of the “Success for all” philosophy is that Aboriginal Education tries to address the specific needs of Aboriginal students.  She said that the “Education for All” document highlights what is necessary for some, is good for all.  She said that Aboriginal Education is not outside Character Education, Differentiated Instruction (learning styles, multiple intelligences, accommodations, modifications), Integration and Literacy Development.

        Ms. Peterson reviewed the following information:

Ministry Goals

•       High level of student achievement
•       Reduce gaps in achievement
•       High levels of public confidence

Policy Framework Principles

•       Excellence and Accountability
•       Equity and Respect for Diversity
•       Inclusiveness, Cooperation, Shared Responsibility
•       Respect for Constitution and Treaty Rights

        Ms. Peterson referred to the following statement from “Learning About Walking in Beauty”:

        “Aboriginal Education is not an altruistic pursuit.  A pedagogy infused with Aboriginal perspectives will help all students build both a knowledge base and the critical analysis skills relevant to contemporary regional, national and international affairs.”

        Ms. Peterson reviewed the Framework Summary, which outlines the Goals, Strategies, and Performance Measures.  She also reviewed the synopsis for each Grade level regarding the Social Studies/Language Strand, Topic and Teaching Strategy.

        Ms. Peterson advised that they have shared a number of things with Principals and teachers, noting that there are a lot of materials available through the Ministry of Education, and that the Board has started to put together lots of resources.

        Ms. Peterson advised that an Aboriginal Education Symposium is being held on May 19, 2009, at the Day’s Inn, Kingston, beginning at 8:45 a.m.  She invited the Trustees to the opening part of the day.

        Superintendent Marsh said that Ms. Peterson is doing a wonderful job in organizing the Aboriginal Education Symposium.

        Superintendent Marsh advised that Mr. Reed would now share some of the other initiatives that are occurring in the Limestone District School Board.

        Mr. Reed reviewed the following information regarding “Implementing the First Nation, Métis and Inuit Education Policy Framework in the Limestone District School Board”.

•       Standing Proud – Self Identification Initiative
•       Classroom/curricular initiatives
•       Joint projects
•       Other projects

Standing Proud Self Identification Policy

•       Forms were distributed to elementary and secondary students with report cards, and forms are now coming in (41 secondary students, 53 elementary students so far)
•       Trillium amended to adopt this information
•       Preparing to amend LDSB web site to include information (FAQs, copy of Standing Proud brochure, forms)

Classroom/Curricular Initiatives

•       Native Students courses are running/have run in three high schools
        QECVI (Grade 9, Expressing Aboriginal Cultures)
        LaSalle SS (Grade 10, Aboriginal Peoples in Canada)
        Sharbot Lake HS (Grade 11, Current Aboriginal Issues in Canada)

•       Every secondary school offered a Native Studies Course for 2009-2010.  Their running will depend upon the course selection process.
Aboriginal Education Update (continued)

Special Joint Projects (with the Algonquin and Lakeshore Catholic District School Board)

•       Literacy Kits (Katarokwi Native Friendship Centre)
•       Elders/speakers (ongoing)
•       Story telling circles (ongoing)
•       3 Play Days (June – Hinchinbrooke PS, Land O’Lakes PS, Sharbot Lake PS, St. James Major)
•       Jane Chartrand visits (ongoing)
•       Artists/Writers (ongoing)
•       Youth Powwow (June 19)

        Mr. Reed provided information about the Aboriginal Leadership Opportunity Year (ALOY) visit to RMC, March 4, 2009, noting that another day is being planned.

Other Projects

•       The Four Winds Student Conference on Aboriginal Cultures (April 30, 2009 at KCVI)
•       Eastern Ontario Aboriginal Education Initiative, Ottawa Conference
        •       2 high schools (QECVI, Napanee District SS)
        •       3 elementary schools (Hinchinbrooke PS, Sandhurst PS, Rideau Heights PS)
•       Shannon Thunderbird (musical presentation of Daughter of the Copper Shield; 2,000 students from across the Board attended)
•       Aboriginal Language Day (March 31, 2009 at Hinchinbrooke PS)
•       Limestone Learning Project – Gift of Wildflower Song

        In response to comments by Trustee Jackson regarding the challenge of finding a qualified teacher who is fluent in the Oneida language for students at Rideau Heights Public School, Superintendent Marsh indicated that Mr. Reed spoke about how important language is for Aboriginal students.  She said that parents were asked about what is important, and they expressed that language was important.  She said that it would be optimal to have a qualified language teacher for Aboriginal students; however, there is a process that once the Board has advertised multiple times, they are able to appoint an unqualified teacher on a letter of permission from the Ontario College of Teachers.

        In response to a question from Trustee McLaren asking if the 10 schools that reported were urban or rural, Mr. Reed stated that they came from both.  The highest number (12) came from Cataraqui Woods Elementary School.

        In response to comments by Trustee Jackson, Superintendent Marsh stated that Mr. Reed is primarily working with teachers on curriculum rather than with students.  She said that the counsellor role works out of Educational Services and that is a referral process.

        In response to further comments by Trustee Jackson, Superintendent Marsh stated that the Board has applied for special funds for joint projects with Algonquin and Lakeshore Catholic District School board, and received them on the understanding that two boards would be accessing the funds.  She said that there are staff to support the programs and work with students.  She said that the Board has an active Aboriginal Education Steering Committee, with the membership made up with individuals who are interested in Aboriginal Education.

        Chair Beavis commended the Aboriginal Education Steering Committee on its work.

        Mr. Reed and Ms. Peterson withdrew from the meeting.

LDSB Police/Board Protocol

        Ms. Woodley presented the following information:

Reasons for Current Revision Process

•       Changes to the safe schools provisions in the Education Act
•       Recent Supreme Court decision on canine searches in schools
•       Addition of the LDSB Community Threat Assessment Protocol
•       Revisions of emergency response guidelines (i.e. lockdown/lockout guidelines)


•       LDSB work team to prepare first draft of changes (completed)
•       Distribution to signatories for written feedback on draft (in progress)
•       Meeting of signatories (police and school board representatives) to discuss changes and agree on final version (April 28, 2009)
•       Signing ceremony (May or June 2009)
•       Training for police and administrators in September 2009

Purpose of the Protocol

•       Promoting joint consultation and partnerships between school boards and police services on maintaining a safe school environment
•       Ensuring that the obligations and requirements of both education and law enforcement systems are met

Role and Mandate of Police Services

•       Enforcing the following:
        •       Criminal Code
        •       Youth Criminal Justice Act
        •       The Child and Family Services Act
        •       The Controlled Drugs and Substances Act
        •       Other federal, provincial and municipal legislation     
•       Assisting victims and perpetrators of crime
•       Conducting investigations
•       Community safety issues
•       Diverting young people from crime and antisocial behaviour
•       Educational – supporting good citizenship, character development, community partnerships and protocols
•       Complying with the requirements related to the duties of Principals and teachers under the Education Act and regulations
•       Complying with the duty to report under the child and Family Services Act
•       School related discipline
•       Promoting/maintaining safe school environments

Format of the Protocol

•       Compliance with the provincial model of the Police/School Board protocol
•       Roles, responsibilities and procedures for both police and schools
•       Emphasis on respect for rights of individuals
•       Differences in roles, responsibilities and procedures based on the age of the student

        In response to comments from Trustee McLaren regarding canine searches, Ms. Woodley stated that we will still search for drugs in a different way, rather than involving dogs.  She said that there is a very extensive search methodology.  She said, however, that canine searches did raise awareness, but we do not think they contribute to a positive learning environment.  She said that we have to educate students about drugs.

        In response to a question from Trustee Jackson, Ms. Woodley replied that the LDSB Police/Board Protocol does not come to the Board for approval.  She indicated that Trustees do have a representative from the Board.

        Trustee Chadwick asked who is in charge when the police come into the school and what are the parents’ rights?.  Ms. Woodley remarked that the Principal is in charge and the Principal has to ensure the rights of the child are protected in the investigation.  She said that the administrator in the school acts as the parent in absentia.  She said that if an administrator knows that the police are coming into the school, he/she calls the parent and offers the parent the opportunity to come to the school or informs the parent that he/she may say he/she would like the police to come of his/her home.  Ms. Woodley said that on occasion the investigation works better if it is conducted at the child’s home.  She said, however, there is an exception in a shooting in a school.  The tactical response unit leader will be in charge.

        Chair Beavis thanked Ms. Woodley for providing the above-noted information.

        Ms. Woodley withdrew from the meeting.

Recess to Private Session

        MOVED BY Trustee Goodfellow, that the Education/Human Resources Committee recess to Private Session.–Carried

Recess to Public Session

        MOVED BY Trustee McLaren, that the Education/Human Resources Committee recess to Public Session.–Carried

Next Meeting Date

        The next meeting of the Education/Human Resources Committee is scheduled for Wednesday, May 20, 2009, at 4:30 p.m.

        MOVED BY Trustee Goodfellow, that the meeting adjourn at 5:35 p.m.–Carried


Tentative Collective Agreement with ETFO, Limestone Local

        Chair Goodfellow advised that a tentative collective agreement had been reached with the ETFO, Limestone Local.

Recess to Public Session

        MOVED BY Trustee McLaren, that the Education/Human Resources Committee recess to Public Session.–Carried