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December 2, 2013 - Initial Meeting
Initial Meeting
Limestone District School Board
December 2, 2013
The Initial Meeting of the Limestone District School Board was held in the Barry C. O’Connor Board Room at the Limestone Education Centre, 220 Portsmouth Avenue, Kingston, on Monday, December 2, 2013, at 6:00 p.m.

In accordance with Section 208 of The Education Act, and under the authority invested in her as Secretary of the Board, Director Hunter called the meeting to order, welcoming those present to the Initial Meeting of the 2014 year of the Limestone District School Board.

The Director extended appreciation to the students of LCVI, and the Cook’s Internship Program, for the delicious hors d’oeuvres that were enjoyed during the reception held just prior to the Initial Meeting.  She thanked teachers Doug James and Ian Montgomery for their work.

Mr. James thanked Trustees and Senior Staff for giving the students and the Cook’s Internship Program an opportunity to show their culinary skills once again.

Director Hunter stated that tonight’s meeting is an important ceremonial occasion for our Board, and it is made more-so by the presence of so many of our partners in education, family members and special guests.  She extended heartfelt thanks to everyone for their dedication, and focused efforts to support our students and their success.  She also recognized the patience and flexibility of family members in allowing Trustees and Senior Staff to engage so full in their work.


        Director Hunter stated that as we do at almost every Board meeting, we open our meetings with student presentations and performances.  She commented that tonight, it is a privilege to begin our Initial Meeting with a special performance by Rebecca Hillis, a grade 7 Challenge Program student at Loughborough Public School, and one of several studnets who peformed at the recent Crystal Ball Gala.  She remarked that Rebecca’s performance was nothing short of brilliant and indicated to Rebecca that we are pleased that she was able to join us this evening.  She advised that Rebecca is being accompanied by Tim Stiff this evening, her Crystal Ball mentor and a master musician teacher at Ernestown Secondary School.  They sang Nella Fantasia, the aria they performed at the Crystal Ball Gala, and Rebecca performed Silent Night and O Holy Night, accompanied by Mr. Stiff.

        Director Hunter told Rebecca and Mr. Stiff that their talents were remarkable, and she thanked them both for starting the Board meeting in such a unique and beautiful way.

        Director Hunter commented that Limestone is a Board that cares deeply about its students and staff.  She said that it is with great sadness that she acknowledges a dear friend and colleague who passed away this weekend, Peter Lynch, retired manager of Financial Services.  She remarked that Peter’s undeniable commitment to his profession, the Limestone District School Board, his family and his community motivated the best in all of us.  She said that as a leader in financial management, and innovative in his approach, Peter worked tirelessly to ensure the efficient operation of financial systems for this Board, and his knowledge and expertise were sought out by other school boards and public sector organizations.  She indicated that Peter worked on a regular basis with Trustees, Senior Staff, Principals, Vice-Principals and School Council representatives.  She indicated that Peter was always willing, and remarkably capable of explaining to anyone the most sophisticated financial models in very clear terms. She said that Peter was a strong leader of great integrity and great skill, and that he was also kind, a loving and loyal friend, father and husband.  She stated that we will miss him.


        The Director stated that the Limestone District School Board prides itself on reaching out to our many communities, and it is wonderful to see so many of our partners in education present.   She acknowledged the following people:

Mayor Mark Gerretsen, City of Kingston, and his assistant, Christina Thomson
Deputy Mayor Tom Dewey, Township of Central Frontenac
Gord Taylor, Chief Executive Officer, Tri-Board Student Transportation Services, and his wife Pam
Leslie Myles, Managing Director, Limestone Learning Foundation
Jessica Silver, Chair, Secondary School Administrators’ Organization
Peter Dendy, Chair, Association of Elementary School Administrators
Tiffany Mountenay, Vice-Chair, Association of Elementary School Administrators
John Vince, President Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation District 27, Limestone District
Joan Jardin, District Officer, Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation District 27, Limestone District
David Mather, Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation District 27, Limestone District
Andrea Martin, Special Education Advisory Committee Member
Brittany French, Daughter and Guest of Trustee Laurie French
Bob Sears, Guest of Trustee Laurie French
David Johnson, spouse of Trustee Helen Chadwick
David Goodfellow, spouse of Trustee Ann Goodfellow
Robin Pianosi, guest of Student Trustee Marnie McCormac
Annika Bartsch, guest of Student Trustee Michelle Sempowski
Jack Fox, spouse of Director Brenda Hunter
Krishna Burra, Supervisor of Safe and Caring Schools and Assistant to the Director
Barb Fraser-Stiff, Superintendent of Education, and her husband Tim, a teacher at Ernestown Secondary School
Norah Marsh, Superintendent of Education
Roger Richard, Superintendent of Business Services
Paul Babin, Incoming Superintendent of Business Services, and his wife Jill
Andre Labrie, Superintendent of Human Resources
Tammy Giles, Supervising Principal
Alison McDonnell, Supervising Principal
Shawn Lehman, Supervising Principal
Wayne Toms, Manager of Information Technology Services and Planning Officer
David Fowler, Manager of Facility Services
Myra Baumann, Manager of Financial Services, and her spouse, John
Karen Smith, Communications Officer
Jane Douglas, Communications Officer
Wynando Moore, Executive Assistant to the Director
Darlene Kirkpatrick, Recording Secretary, and her partner, Mike Murphy


        The Director stated that it was her pleasure to announce the Vice-Chair and Chair of the Limestone District School Board for the session December 1, 2013 to November 30, 2014 – Trustees David Jackson and Laurie French respectively.  She congratulated Trustee Jackson and Trustee French.

        Trustee French assumed the chair.


        The Superintendent of Business Services and Treasurer, Roger Richard, called the Roll.

From the City of Kingston:
Representing:   Country Side (District 1),
Pittsburgh (District 12),
& Frontenac Islands                             Elaine Crawford

Loyalist-Cataraqui (District 2),
Collins-Bayridge (District 3), and
Lakeside (District 4)                           George Beavis

Portsmouth (District 5), and
Trillium (District 6)                           David Jackson

Cataraqui (District 7),
Kingscourt-Strathcona (District 8), and
Kings Town (District 11)                        Helen Chadwick

Williamsville (District 9), and
Sydenham (District 10)                  Paula Murray

From South Frontenac:                   Suzanne Ruttan

From Addington Highlands, Central Frontenac
    and North Frontenac:                       Ann Goodfellow

From Loyalist & Stone Mills:                    Helen Brown
From Greater Napanee                    Laurie French

Student Trustee                         Marnie McCormac

Student Trustee                         Michelle Sempowski

        Superintendent Richard reported that regrets were received from Trustee Crawford.


        Chair French gave her Initial Address, as follows:
“Good evening special guests, family members, Board staff and Trustees.

It is an honour and privilege to serve as Chair of this Board for the upcoming year, this the final year of our term together – we have much yet to do. ~Thank you to my nominators, Trustees Chadwick and Brown – Trustee Chadwick in particular following your decision to step down after significant contributions – you have led this Board through a most challenging year with strength and commitment to Limestone students and you can be immensely proud of your leadership. Thank you fellow Trustees for your confidence in acclaiming me to this position. ~I would like to congratulate Trustee Jackson on his election to Vice-Chair, as well as all those Trustees who put their names forward for various positions of leadership. ~

To Director Hunter and the rest of Senior Staff, on behalf of all Trustees, thank you for your wisdom and dedication; your inspiring leadership motivates your teams across the region to achieve the Strategic Directions and priorities we’ve established. Your support to Trustees helps us make well-informed decisions that keep the needs of each and every Limestone student at the heart of all we do. ~

I must express appreciation to the spouses and families who share their loved ones with us to make student success happen.

I would like to express my personal thanks for the support of my two children – my daughter, who is here with me tonight, and my son, who is not here as he attends post-secondary school.  Your patience and understanding have allowed me to contribute in this role for many years now, sacrificing time at home with you to engage in a role that I truly love, in a system that is a gift in our society. Throughout my career in the health sector, I have been proud of my work there, but I can honestly say that my time as Trustee and Chair of this Board is among my proudest achievements.

I welcome our fellow community leaders; we appreciate that you have taken the time to join us tonight as evidence of our shared commitment to students and to public education.  On behalf of all Trustees of our Board, and with the common goal of serving the youth of our communities, I look forward to working with you into the future.

In Limestone we are immensely proud of our employee groups and we respect and appreciate all who work within the LDSB – you are the ones who collaborate to educate and support our students with innovative learning opportunities, in safe and inviting school buildings. ~Following an unprecedented year in labour relations, I feel confident that our positive local relationships will continue with all groups, and I believe all Trustees appreciate and take very seriously the government’s endorsement of the School Board’s role in future negotiations through the introduction of Bill 122. ~~

        Two special individuals cannot go without mention – both have been of immense value to Trustees and the Limestone Board over what has been decades of service and excellence in education – our Superintendent of Business, Roger Richard, and our recording secretary Darlene Kirkpatrick – both of whom leave us and enter the next phase of their life in retirement.  We wish you many years of health and happiness and relaxation with friends and family.  Thank you for everything you have done for our students.

Our student Trustees continually impress us and provide an important reality check in our meetings, sharing their enthusiasm with a maturity beyond their years – thank you Michelle and Marnie, for stepping up to be the voice of your peers this year.

My sincere thanks to the committed community leaders on the Board of the Limestone Learning Foundation and the many volunteers for promoting our shared belief that providing enhancements to student learning is a wise investment in the future of our communities.

Our school council leaders who further enhance opportunities for students also need to be recognized – many of us around this horseshoe started our educational journey in those important roles, and we are grateful for your contributions.  Parental engagement must be a continued focus.

        We can be immensely proud of our Board sustainability plan, developed through the leadership of our Environmental Sustainability Committee – this work will carry us into the future, and is another example of community involvement leading to success.

This school year we will celebrate the opening of another new school in Sharbot Lake – the Granite Ridge K-12 Education Centre is another incredible facility providing a leading edge  learning environment for students.  The significant addition at Sydenham High School will similarly provide new learning opportunities as capital improvements are occurring in all parts of the Limestone District in recent years. As we conduct a review of French Language programs, and continue to implement full day kindergarten, we can have confidence in what public education has to offer our children, now and in the future.

We await further Ministry funding conclusions to support the outcome of the Central Kingston Program and Accommodation Review decision. While this has been controversial as all views were expressed and considered, we are focused on moving forward together, keeping students at the forefront. Limestone has been rewarded with wise Ministry investments to plan for the future, and I am confident this will continue. ~As we continue to plan for the use of funds already allocated for North Kingston elementary students, all opportunities for partnership with our coterminous Board will be considered, as well as with municipal leaders with whom we share students, families and citizens. Numerous examples exist to demonstrate how we can achieve these positive enterprises – whether our shared Tri-Board transportation consortium, shared space with day care providers and community groups, the Grade 9 Bus program, or the recent Wally Elmer arena project with the City, we are provincial leaders in successful partnerships.

I am immensely proud to lead this Board and respect the perspectives of all communities we represent, whether in Kingston, Napanee, Perth Road, Cloyne, Tamworth or Wolfe Island – in every community.~Fellow Trustees, we are all here because of our belief in public education and the value it offers our communities – stand proud as champions for public education as we embrace this next year together. Thank you.”


        Mayor Mark Gerretsen brought greetings on behalf of the City of Kingston.

        Deputy Mayor Tom Dewey brought greetings on behalf of the Township of Central Frontenac.


Trustee Goodfellow presented the report of the Committee of the Whole Board (Caucus) Meeting held on November 25, 2013:


Audit Committee – Trustee French
The Chair of the Audit Committee is to be a Trustee member of the Committee, elected by the members of the Audit Committee at the first meeting of the committee in each fiscal year.
Education/Human Resources Committee – Trustee Brown
Property/Operations Committee – Trustee Goodfellow
Special Education Advisory Committee – Trustee Murray (Co-Chair).  The Co-Chair representing the organizations on the Special Education Advisory Committee will be elected at a future meeting of the Special Education Advisory Committee.
Environmental Sustainability Advisory Committee – Trustee Murray (Co-Chair).  The Co-Chair representing the members at large on the Environmental Sustainability Advisory Committee was elected at the November 6, 2013 Environmental Sustainability Advisory Committee.


(a)     Audit Committee
        1.      Trustee French, Chair
2.      Trustee Chadwick
3.      Trustee Jackson

(b)     Education/Human Resources Committee
        1.      Trustee Brown, Chair
2.      Trustee Beavis
3       Trustee Chadwick
        4.      Trustee French (Ex-Officio)
        5.      Trustee Goodfellow
        6.      Trustee Jackson
        7.      Trustee Ruttan
        8.      Student Trustee McCormac

(c)     Property/Operations Committee
1.      Trustee Goodfellow, Chair
2.      Trustee Beavis
3.      Trustee Brown
4.      Trustee Crawford
5.      Trustee French (Ex-Officio)
6.      Trustee Jackson
7.      Trustee Ruttan

(d)     Special Education Advisory Committee
        1.      Trustee Murray, Co-Chair
2.      Trustee Crawford
        3.      Trustee Goodfellow (Alternate)

(e)     Environmental Sustainability Advisory Committee
        1.      Trustee Murray, Co-Chair
        2.      Trustee Jackson
        3.      Student Trustee McCormac

(f)     School Council Liaison Committee (Parent Involvement Committee)
        1.      Trustee Chadwick
        2.      Trustee Goodfellow (Alternate)


(a)     Supervised Alternative Learning Committee
        1.      Trustee Crawford
        2.      Trustee Murray (Alternate)

(b)     Health and Safety Committee
        1.      Trustee Jackson

(c)     Food Sharing Project
        1.      Trustee Jackson
        2.      Trustee Chadwick (Alternate)
        3.      Student Trustee McCormac

(d)     Limestone Learning Foundation Board of Directors
        1.      Trustee Brown
        2.      Student Trustee McCormac

(e)     Expulsion Hearing Committee/Disciplinary Hearing Committee Pool
        1.      Trustee Beavis
        2.      Trustee Brown
        3.      Trustee Chadwick
        4.      Trustee Crawford
        5.      Trustee Goodfellow
        6.      Trustee Jackson
        7.      Trustee Murray
        8.      Trustee Ruttan

        MOVED BY Trustee Chadwick, seconded by Trustee Goodfellow, that the report of the Committee of the Whole Board (Caucus) meeting of November 25, 2013, as presented, be adopted.–Carried

        The Chair called a recesss at 6:45 p.m. for five minutes.  The meeting reconvened at   6:50 p.m.


Property/Operations Committee

        Trustee Jackson presented the report of the Property/Operations Committee of   November 27, 2013.

        MOVED BY Trustee Jackson, seconded by Trustee Beavis, that the report of the Property/Operations Committee of November 27, 2013, be adopted.

        The following motions were incorporated in the Property/Operations Committee Minutes adopted, and are passed in accordance with Policy 9, Section 8.1.0:

Holiday Dinner Following the Initial Meeting

        That Trustees and Senior Staff continue with the practice that was in place last year to have those attending the holiday dinner following the Initial Meeting pay for their own meals.

10-Year Forecast for Capital Projects (Strategic Plan Reference: Item 3.5.1)

        That the Board approve the 10-year planning list of capital renewal projects for the period September 2013 to August 2013, as presented.

Impact of Bill 69 – Prompt Payment Act, 2013

        That a letter be forwarded to the Premier of Ontario, the Minister of Education, our local MPPs and OPSBA outlining the Board’s serious concerns with the proposed new legislation, Bill 69, Prompt Payment Act 2013.
        The original motion was called and Carried.


        MOVED BY Trustee Jackson, seconded by Trustee Chadwick, that the Board recess at 6:55 p.m. for two minutes to reconvene in Private Session, at 6:57 p.m.–Carried


        MOVED BY Trustee Beavis, seconded by Trustee Brown, that the Board resolve itself into a Committee of the Whole Board in Private Session at 6:57 p.m.–Carried


Trustee Jackson presented the report of the Property/Operations Committee of   November 27, 2013.

        MOVED BY Trustee Jackson, seconded by Trustee Goodfellow, that the report of the Property/Operations Committee of November 27, 2013, be adopted.

        The following motions were incorporated in the Property/Operations Committee Minutes adopted, and are passed in accordance with Policy 9, Section 8.1.0:

Potential Elementary School Capital Partnership between the Limestone District School Board and the Algonquin and Lakeshore Catholic District School Board

1.      That the Limestone District School Board of Trustees authorize administration to engage in formal discussions with the Algonquin and Lakeshore Catholic District School Board to discuss a partnership in principle for a joint capital project, with respect to the construction of a new elementary school resulting from the consolidation of First Avenue and Frontenac Public Schools.

2.      That in accordance with Limestone District School Board Administrative Procedure 551 (Facility Partnerships) the Limestone District School Board authorize administration to work with the administration of the Algonquin and Lakeshore Catholic District School Board to create a preliminary report that would include, but not be limited to discussions related to any associated operational and school site parameters.

3.      That the report be provided to the Board at the January 8, 2014 Regular Meeting of the Limestone District School Board.

4.      That the Limestone District School Board tendering process for the securing of architectural services for the design of the new elementary school be further postponed, pending outcomes from both boards receipt and discussion of the report – on January 8, 2014 in the Limestone District School Board and on January 14, 2014 in the Algonquin and Lakeshore Catholic District School Board.

        The original motion was called and Carried.


        A letter regarding the 2014 elections for school board trustees was distributed.

        MOVED BY Trustee Chadwick, seconded by Trustee Jackson, that the letter regarding the 2014 elections for school board trustees be amended to include the Ontario Municipal Board decision with regard to the City of Kingston Electoral Boundary Changes; and further; that the letter as amended be sent to the Ministry of Education, with a copy to the Ontario Public School Boards’ Association.–Carried


        MOVED BY Trustee Goodfellow, seconded by Trustee Brown, that the Committee of the Whole Board rise and report to the Board and the resolutions of the Committee of the Whole Board, noted above, be resolutions of the Board and made public.–Carried


        MOVED BY Trustee Murray, seconded by Trustee Goodfellow, that the meeting adjourn at 7:02 p.m.–Carried