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May 30, 2011 - Committee of the Whole Board Meeting
Committee of the Whole Board Meeting
Limestone District School Board
May 30, 2011

        A Committee of the Whole Board Meeting of the Limestone District School Board was held in the Board Room at the Limestone Education Centre, 220 Portsmouth Avenue, Kingston, on Monday, May 30, 2010, at 6:00 p.m.
L. French, Vice-Chair
        H. Brown
        H. Chadwick
        E. Crawford
        L. French
        D. Jackson
      S. Ruttan
Present Staff:
        J. Douglas, Communications Officer
        B. Fraser-Stiff, Superintendent of Education
        T. Giles, Supervising Principal
        B. Hunter, Director of Education
        D. Kirkpatrick, Recording Secretary
        S. Lehman, Supervising Principal
        P. Lynch, Manager of Financial Services
        A. McDonnell, Supervising Principal
        R. Richard, Superintendent of Business
        The meeting was chaired by Vice-Chair French.  She reported that regrets were received from Trustees Murray and Goodfellow.


        Vice-Chair French advised that had Trustee Goodfellow been present she would have declared a conflict of interest as her son is an employee of the Limestone District School Board, and she would have withdrawn from the meeting.


        MOVED BY Trustee Crawford, seconded by Trustee Jackson, that the agenda, as distributed, be approved.–Carried


        Superintendent Richard advised that this evening’s meeting consists of a review of the  preliminary 2011-2012 expenditures. He said that the information contained in the expenditure budget being presented this evening does not include the Capital Expenditure Budget.  Information about the Capital Expenditure Budget will be presented at the Committee of the Whole (Budget) meeting on June 7, 2011, once we finalize the expenditures.

        Manager Lynch provided an overview of the Preliminary 2011-2012 Expenditure Budget, as listed below.  


2011-2012 Budget
Revised Estimates
Original 2010-2011 Budget
Allocations from Funding Model
  Operating Grants
  Debt Charges
    Permanently Financed
    Capital Debt Support – Interest






Other revenues
$    7,146,000
$    8,233,000
$    6,585,000
Capital revenues taken into income
$                  0
$       289,000
$                  0
Deferred revenues taken into income
$                  0
$         23,000
$                  0
Prior year’s deficit
$                  0
$                  0
$                  0
Current year operating deficit
$    1,195,000
$       733,000
$       990,000


2011-2012 Budget
Revised Estimates
Original 2010-2011 Budget
Supplies and Services
$  41,651,000
$  43,120,000
$  41,429,000

        Manager Lynch stated that there is an operating expenditure deficit forecast of $1,195,000  for 2011-2012.  He said that this operating budget does not include the capital operating budget or PSAB changes.  He said that this budget is statutory, under the Ministry of Education requirements.     

        Manager Lynch stated that the PSAB budget will look different, advising that it will be presented at next week’s Committee of the Whole Board (Budget) meeting.  He indicated that tonight’s presentation is what Trustees have seen in the past, noting that we will continue to look at what was prepared in previous years.

        Manager Lynch commented that the original budget for the 2010-2011 year showed a deficit of $990,000.  He said that we do believe the year-end Financial Statements for the year 2010-2011 will in fact turn out to be balanced.  He indicated that this was because of expenditure savings, noting that there were some better enrolment  numbers and savings in the areas of WSIB, transportation and utilities.  He said that would leave our reserve position at 2011 year-end with $560,000 of surplus that is not designated, and $3.8 million in the WSIB reserve, a portion of accumulative surplus available for compliance.

        Manager Lynch stated that the operating budget showed small changes on the revenue side from what was presented a couple of weeks ago.  He advised that there was a small change in transportation to include an amount for transporting students to provincial schools.

        Manager Lynch stated that with regard to transportation expenditures, we are using a different fuel rate than the Ministry of Education.  He advised that the Ministry does subsidize our fuel costs.  He indicated that the Board budgeted a small amount in other revenue – $76,000 as the fuel subsidy the Ministry funds.

        Manager Lynch reported that there was a small change in special education to reflect Ministry approval for Section 23 programs, which is different than what we applied for.  This has been offset by our expenditures. 

        Manager Lynch reviewed the following compensation information:

2011-2012 Budget
Revised Estimates
Original 2010-2011 Budget
Elementary teachers
$  67,595,000
$  65,710,000
$ 65,937,000
Secondary teachers
$  52,299,000
$  51,565,000
$ 50,175,000
Supply teachers
$    4,958,000
$    4,666,000
$    4,666,000
Elementary Principals/VPs
$    7,524,000
$    7,278,000
$    7,393,000
Secondary Principals/VPs
$    3,557,000
$    3,468,000
$    3,485,000
$    2,459,000
$    2,454,000
$    2,304,000
Total academic staff

Educational Assistants
$ 14,711,000
$ 12,855,000
$ 12,682,000
Professional, Paraprofessional
$   8,342,000
$   8,114,000
$   8,054,000
School Secretarial and Clerical
$   5,829,000
$   5,654,000
$   5,654,000
Continuing Education
$   1,376,000
$   1,152,000
$   1,349,000
Governance and Administration
$   5,032,000
$   4,907,000
$   4,853,000
$       392,000
$       376,000
$       376,000
Facilities Services
$  14,335,000
$  13,710,000
$  13,710,000
Total support staff
$  50,017,000
$  46,768,000
$  46,678,000
Total compensation

        Manager Lynch reported that the total compensation is $188,409,000 compared to the 2010-2011 budget of $180,638,000, which is a 4.3%  increase.  He advised that all lines reflect the PDT agreement, noting that this is year four of the four-year agreements, which provided for a 3% increase.  He commented that the increase includes an addition for benefit improvements within the PDT agreements and inflation of benefits.  He stated that the increase in health and dental benefits in 2011-2012 are covered in the funding model.

        Manager Lynch advised that in the teaching lines, there were staffing changes also related to the PDT and enrolment.  He said that the elementary teachers line has an increase in planning time.  He said that in the secondary panel, an increase for program improvement was part of the PDT.

        Manager Lynch advised that the supply teacher line is similar to last year.  It includes the PDT agreement increase and a significant amount of professional development as a result of the ETFO PDT agreement.  He indicated that the Elementary Principals/VPs and Secondary Principals/VPs lines show the increase that was agreed to under their provincial framework.

        Manager Lynch stated that the Educational Assistants line showed a large increase this year.  He said that this was negotiated under the PDT agreement.  He reported that they have moved from six hour days to 6 hour 40 minute days in Limestone District School Board.  He indicated that extra 40 minutes added to their day shows a substantial increase in compensation and is all funded in the grant formula.

        Manager Lynch referred to the Professionals/Paraprofessionals line and stated that there was a significant increase over and above their PDT agreement, noting that is where the Early Childhood Educator positions for the full day JK/SK program are recorded.  He advised that there are an additional six staff members, noting we have six more classes approved for September 2011.  He said that there is a reduction in yard and lunch supervisors.  He said that most of that coverage is to be carried through the additional 40 minutes that educational assistants now have.

        Manager Lynch referred to the School Secretarial and Clerical line, noting that it shows a similar complement to last year.

        Manager Lynch referred to the Continuing Education line, noting that it includes a reduction due to one program being lost, and an offsetting increase as we are budgeting for LDSB to run summer school in 2012.

        Manager Lynch reported that the Governance and Administration line is essentially the same as last year.  He said that there is no change in the staffing complement and it also reflects the PDT agreement.  He referred to the Transportation line, and advised that it includes Tri-Board Student Transportation Services staff that are on the LDSB payroll.  Manager Lynch referred to the Facilities Services line and stated that it too is essentially the same complement as last year.

        Manager Lynch referred to the teachers line and stated that as teachers move through the experience and qualifications grid, the Board gets funded for that through the Qualifications and Experience grant.  He said that the amount can increase if a lot of staff are moving up the grid.  He said that there is an additional expenditure of about $400,000 in this regard for 2011-2012.

        The Director stated that when the PDT negotiations occurred, the Ministry came up with a certain amount of dollars that they give out.  She indicated that the elementary teachers get more preparation time and so the Ministry gives more money to go into the general staffing for the secondary teachers.

        Manager Lynch reviewed the Supplies and Services Preliminary 2011-2012 Expenditures Budget, as follows:

2011-2012 Budget
Revised Estimates
Original 2010-2011 Budget
$ 11,325,000
$  12,319,000
$  11,075,000
Governance and Administration
$    1,916,000
$    1,900,000
$    1,900,000
$  13,719,000
$  13,688,000
$  13,688,000
School Operations and Maintenance
$    6,889,000
$    6,919,000
$    6,919,000
School Utilities
$    5,353,000
$    5,503,000
$    5,503,000
Debt Charges
  Permanently Financed
  Capital Debt Support: RBC Interest
  Capital Debt Support: OFA Interest

$       457,000
$      285,000
$    1,707,000

$       457,000
$       296,000
$    1,591,000

$      457,000
$      296,000
$   1,591,000
Total Supplies and Services
$  41,651,000
$   43,120,000
$ 41,429,000

        Manager Lynch reported that tangible capital asset expenditures funded from Capital allocations have been excluded from tonight’s presentation.  He reported that the Capital budget will be presented at the Committee of the Whole Board (Budget) meeting to be held on June 7, 2011.

        Manager Lynch advised that the school budget allocations are the same as last year and they are funded on a per pupil basis.  Schools overall show an increase budget to budget, with a significant increase in the special education equipment (SEA) allocation.  He said that from 2010-2011 to 2011-2012, we went from under $800,00 to over $1.3 million.  He said that grant is carried forward here as supplies and services expenditures, with some being staff costs, but most being supplies and services.
        Manager Lynch reported that there has been a very minimal change in transportation, noting that we are assuming a fuel rate of $1.13 per litre compared to the Ministry’s $1.05 per litre.  Most of that increase will be funded and we have included it in additional revenue.  He said that the other cost pressures in transportation have been addressed by the route reductions in 2010-2011.  He reported that is an area where we will be saving.
        Manager Lynch stated that there are no changes in the School Operations and Maintenance line.  He stated that with regard to Utilities, based on costs in 2010-2011, we have changed the budget for 2011-2012, reducing it by $150,000.  He said that we expect savings in 2010-2011 may be as much as $300,000 from budget.

        Manager Lynch indicated that the Governance and Administration line shows very little change budget to budget.  He said that we budgeted the $20,000 for the Record Management initiative, which is our share of the joint project with the Hastings-Prince Edward DSB and Algonquin and Lakeshore Catholic DSB.

        Manager Lynch reported that with regard to the Debt Charges line, it is the interest cost only, noting that all the budget interest costs are covered by grants.  He said that the principal amounts are not included any more.  Manager Lynch said that the Capital Debt Support: OFA Interest has increased, as there was another debt issue to cover Good Places to Learn expenditures for 2009-2010.

        Manager Lynch stated that adjustments to be made to this presentation to comply with PSAB requirements will be:

i)      depreciation expense
ii)     actuarial amounts for post retirement and other employee future benefits
iii)    accrued interest expense
iv)     an estimated $6.4 million (2010: $6.2 million) of school, school council, and Trust fund expenditures, and the offsetting revenue from these activities.

        Manager Lynch indicated that there is a deficit of $1,195,000.  He indicated that there are two pieces compliance requirements for the Ministry’s balanced budget legislation.  One is that a board’s in-year deficit cannot exceed 1% of its operating revenue.  Our budget is $220 million and 1% of that amount would be $2.2 million so our deficit of $1,195,000 is fully compliant.  He indicated that the other requirement is that any deficit  must be absorbed by the accumulated unrestricted surplus.  We would be also therefore compliant with that provision.

        Manager Lynch stated that there is one change from PSAB from last year.  Any increase in accrued vacation has to be included in compliance expenditures.

        In response to a question from Trustee Jackson, Manager Lynch stated that $11,325,000 is everything that is instructional and includes the amount that goes to schools.  He stated that there are central funds for Student Success, EPO allocations, Continuing Education, Special Education, etc.  This is everything that the Ministry calls instructional supplies and services.  He said that the per pupil amounts for school budgets have not changed for a couple of years.  Manager Lynch said that in addition, schools get $2,071 at elementary and $3,081 at secondary for office costs.  Rural schools get some additional funding for the transportation cost of field trips because of their higher costs.  Small schools, rural and urban, also get a top-up to assist with covering their fixed costs; the amount varies with the school’s size.

        Superintendent Richard stated that boards get additional grant for distant schools.  He said that these additional amounts would not be at the expense of the urban schools.

        Director Hunter said that there are a number of additional amounts that go out to the schools during the year, like Student Success in the secondary schools, some special education program budgets, compensatory budgets, etc.

        Trustee Chadwick indicated that the ITS Strategic Plan was presented at the Education/Human Resources Committee May meeting, and Trustees did ask about the costs associated with the first year.  She said that she would like an update provided on that issue at the next Committee of the Whole Board (Budget) meeting, being held next week.

        The Director stated that there is no longer an annual debt cost of $250,000 to pay for Project Connects costs.  It comes back to the IT Department.  She said that this is the third year of a Ministry IT funding cut so the IT budget is not completely restored.  She said that further data would be provided at next week’s Committee of the Whole Board (Budget) meeting.  She said that we would not be asking for a budget increase in that line.

        In response to a question from Trustee Jackson, Director Hunter stated that we gather information from our schools with regard to their textbook and other fees.  She said that schools are clear that they have to follow the regulations.  She stated that we are waiting for more information concerning the Ministry’s fundraising rules.  We will review that matter once it is complete.

        Chair French thanked Mr. Lynch for presenting the above-noted information.

Next Meeting Date

        The next meeting of the Committee of the Whole Board to discuss the budget is scheduled for Tuesday, June 7, 2011, at 6:00 p.m.

Committee to Rise and Report

        MOVED BY Trustee Crawford, seconded by Trustee Brown, that the Committee of the Whole Board rise and report to the Board.–Carried


        MOVED BY Trustee Chadwick, seconded by Trustee Ruttan, that the meeting adjourn at 6:40~p.m.–Carried